Friday, October 21, 2016

Suggestion that Pets Lovingly Dream About Their Owners Brings the Internet to Happy Tears

This made me cry so hard.

I wish I could click my heals and make everything perfect...

What a day this was... Let me say this - owning a small business is not easy at all. I love, love, love my clients but I love TIMES the moon and stars my team more. When I disappoint one of them, I am gutted. That is what I am dealing with and it is rocking my world. I have shared everything with ya'll so sharing this too... In my mind, lesser people do not care so much - they move on and call it a day. I could not be that type of person. I think that is why team has always been loyal and that has given me the gift of loyal clients. 

Owning a small business is amazing... it is a dream realized but it can be awful lonely too. At the end of the day, it is all you... and that can be super scary. 

Sending love to Mommy

I am seriously losing my mind

I think I actually saw this… OK I'm kidding


When the transport takes the entire back of the SUV!


I love Scarry Connick, Jr!

Know the bones house story? If not... here ya geaux!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

What a day

Most popular pet costumes of 2016

Some of these are amazing!

Can I have it?

This nugget!

Always my luck...

I love when he sleeps like this...


You want me to do what?

Morning cuddles

LAZYbones kicking it!

Know the bones house story? If not... here ya geaux!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

This Morris Bart is the best!

That wig tho!

I want two large for my babies!

Cute stuff!

I love it!

That could be mine...

He hates this man!

Patience is not my best virtue but I'm trying

Hurry up

Busy reading the paper and cat napping...


Isabelle HATES these!


That did not take long... shoot!

These are great!

Wake up walk on BSJ!

This made my morning...

Good morning Nicole, Pamela left me 2 wonderful notes which I read and re-read yesterday.  With each notation, I appreciated how much she loves and knows my little Sam & Doodle.  It is such a comfort having you and your team in my life!  “Thank you” doesn’t nearly express how grateful I am.

Thanks F.W.!

FREE Vet Clinic(s) offered to #NOLA by The Inner Pup

I know I have posted about this wonderful organization, The Inner Pup, run by my friend Gene Goldring. Let me tell you, she works non stop to help our city and our babies. She is such a gift.

Yesterday they had another free clinic. They target a zip code and literally go door to door to let people know that they are there to help! These clinics provide free Vet care for those in need. 

The results thus far - 

2016 Clinics TO DATE:
4/16 - 86 Dogs! 252 months of HW Prevention 
5/21 - 60 Dogs! 180 months, 22 HW tests, 2+ tests. 
6/18 - 95 Dogs! 348 months, 57 HW tests, 21 proheart6 administered, 7+ tests.
7/16 - 100 Dogs! 438 months,  57 HW tests, 46 proheart6 administered, 4+ tests. 
8/20 - 76 Dogs! 189 months,  40 HW tests, 17 proheart6 adminstered, 5+ tests. 
9/17 - 104 Dogs! 399 months, 60 HW tests, 29 proheart6 administered, 12+ tests, 100 Vectra 3D
October 16 - TBD

I can't say enough about this organization and if you can donate or volunteer, they would appreciate both. We need people like this in NOLA... they are saving lives and truly making a difference. 

Photos used with permission...

Scream Queens Bones ~ The curlers tho!

If you are not familiar with the bones house on St. Charles... here ya geaux!