Thursday, January 16, 2020


Our sweet baby left us to soon... he was so young. He came to us literally the first day he was picked up... He was one of those that lived with us when his Mom and Dad traveled... he was ours too. My babies loved him and raised him. We are just devastated. 

Otis... you were one of a kind. Stay by us all love. I know you are with Remy, Lady and Murphy. They will take good care of you monkey.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

We made it home...

She is not happy at all. Bless her heart. She snacked but has not eaten. They did 3 reads and we threw in the towel, increased her insulin (from 11 to 15) and will be back next Wednesday. Next week I am going to feed her before we leave! 

This made my day...

Nine years ago we rescued this sweet girl running down Earhart and one of our amazing clients adopted her! This kid landed in heaven. 

Play time with Pamela!

Mike has to give them hose baths.... they were piddle diving!

Sweet baby


Play time!


(We came to Riverlands from Ascension Parish vs NOLA.)

After her blood draw... of course she still refused to eat. They eventually gave her insulin and I went BACK to Ascension to see if she would eat at home. Of course, because a need her to, she refused to eat at home too. 

We are had to be back at 10 for the next draw and we made it. Who knows how successful today will be. 

Great start.... they took her first blood

And now she will not eat her breakfast. 🤦‍♀️ 

Today is our diabetic curve testing

I will be so thankful to get this behind us. Our sweet girl is still loosing weight, her hind area is weak and she coughs when she drinks water. They are going to let me spend the day sitting with her so we brought all of our work. 

No need to pray for Isabelle but lord help the poor techs that have to deal with her today!