Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Here ya geaux!

Happy 12th Nite!

Not it!


Before the walkin' nap... poor darling.  So lazy... 

Walkin' is hard!

What? Where? Cookie?

Shout out to MOMMY!

I can get behind this...

LSU vs Bama - Vote to help the SPCA

The Face Off! Who loves animals more?

Prove it! Text to donate at 50555.LSU fans text LAPETS TIGERS, BAMA fans text LAPETS TIDE to donate $10 to the LA/SPCA. 

Winner announced Tuesday. Visit  Paws on Parade Championship display at Shops at Canal Place to see the Mardi Gras Bead Dog® mascots FACE OFF! Visit for more info.

Happy 12th Night!

Welcome to 3101 Prytania 
Let the count down begin... 
46 days until Mardi Gras!

Who is meeting me for the parade this PM?  

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Barb cracks me up!

She just sent this text with this photo...

"baby Jesus needs sunscreen".   I love this kind of winter day!

Only 47 more days!

Barb sending this reminder... YAHOUX!

Spring on the Bayou...

Well - Spring like conditions! 

Friday is 12th Night!

Anyone going? 

Mommy is having a hard week...

We are here for you when you come home...  

I love my Bradley!

I just can't always express myself without showing my pretty teeth! 

Walkin Pamela...

Thank goodness they added walks for me this week.  
Hint - Hint Mom - 2012 Resolution - schedule more walks!  

Rockin' the side part!

Jaquimo needs a home...

Jacquimo still needs a foster or forever home ASAP. He cannot stay in boarding much longer. Jacquimo was found roaming the streets. He'd previously had one of his back legs amputated & neutered. He's ~1 year old. He's FELV, FIV, & HW negative. He's had numerous vet exams. He's had a negative fecal. He's up to date on shots. He's 12 lbs. He's super sweet. He's testy when he's caged but not when he's loose (which is common when a cat's been crated for a while). He sleeps curled up with you in bed. He's fine with other cats and small dogs. He's absolutely terrified of big dogs. Please share so this cat can have a wonderful life. He's currently in New Orleans. Email us for more information at .

Animal Helper 2630 Edenborne Avenue, Metairie

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Going to City Bark baby!

Serious for the cookie part!

No more cones!

Good walkin!


Great TTing on tree weather!

Walkin' Marisa!

Barb and I...

Think these are cool! 

I love whatever this is!

So unsafe...

I hope this pet owner does not find out the hard way...  
One side swipe/pull out on Magazine and that poor baby. 

Pamela loves this little baby...

Well - not little but baby!

Remember this one?

The baby on the Military Base?  Great news too...

sends many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Scarborough for setting up the beagle friendly trap. Buddy has been renamed to "Paul". He is in the loving care of Hokies Hounds! This is a great start to this New Year! He's finally out of the elements and will soon be seen by a vet;-)

Owner in Baton Rouge Hospice - Rescued

Remember this post?  It sounds like Cooper found a home over the last few weeks.  Someone got a great gift!

This just made my day!

Last night while S, D and me were in bed comfy and watching TV, I told S that Pamela will be back for another walk -- he sat up facing my bedroom doorway, waiting and then barked -- he was ready for Pamela!  Please let Pamela know how much the boys appreciate her!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sexy Max...

Sleeping. So cute but oh so loud

Bless this poor duck...

Baby - it is cold outside!

Waiting for Mommy...

Playing hard!

Everywhere you turn...

Our office Assistant today...

About as helpful as Henri & Isabelle

He kind of freaks me out!

Really? We have to go outside?

Back in our routine...


Monday, January 2, 2012

That was you Justin...

Checking on your baby...

Fallen Soldier's Puppy Gives Hope to a Grieving Family:

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Baby S...

with her baby.  The baby is growing!  

Poor baby H -

Not a fan of NYE festivities! 

So excited to see each other...

It has been a long few weeks!

My brother plays this event for Preservation Resource Center in New York every year.  This year it is with Henry Butler and I would love y'all to come.  See you in New York next week?

Thursday - January 12th.  

Preservation Resource Center : Calendar : Jazzed in January: New Yorkers and New Orleanians Working for Preservation:

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Almost over Pamela...

We hate it too...

10:41am Okay - I get it.  They are sad because it is almost over and they are not happy either.  How is that?  Everyone is being funny today!  

That is amazing...

I love Prospect!  Good one Pamela.

Already getting that ready?

Thanks to Melissa for sending this one of St. Charles Avenue.  50 days until Mardi Gras is a little early but I guess when you do not live close - you have to get it done early!  

Made me cry...

Fallen officer's family reopens his veterinary clinic - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

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These Saints games wear me out!

One more from yesterday...

Henri slept with his head on the car barrier (AKA - OPP Transport Barrier for the dog Transport Mercedes) for about 30 minutes.  For about 10 minutes I thought he might be dead but I did not want to check and get him wound up... Is that wrong?  Mommy needs a break...