Saturday, April 2, 2011

Had a hard day... Need a forever home!

If you sent us an email and have not heard back from us, please forward your email to .

This morning I received a telephone call from a guy who had just rescued this puppy running toward someone who dumped her around Earhardt & Broad. I posted the photographs below this morning and this afternoon I read this Facebook post from one of our clients... By the way - she posted this before I posted my post about her.

Her (HY) post...

"ohhhh wow! i had the best experience this morning!! it could have been such a bad thing...

BUT: i saw a dude run across BUSY broad st and right behind him was this tiny yellow lab-like puppy. it appeared to me he dropped the puppy off at the car dealership and tried to run. i was driving and watching in my rear view mirror and circled around to try and go get the puppy - praying traffic would stop! the puppy just stood petrified in the middle of the street!

and, then, a suburban stopped right in front of it. a guy jumped out and got on the side street. he got down on his knees and called the puppy....the puppy went running to him shaking his entire little body with pure joy and innocence!!!!!!!!!!!!! the guy scooped him up in his arms! and the puppy was wagging his tail looking up at him! it was soooo sweet!

i drove up and the guy asked if the puppy was mine. i told him no but that i had seen someone run right before the puppy was in the street.

i hope he gets to keep him! if not, we talked about maybe taking the puppy to freret st and michelle at zeus' place. either way, that puppy's whole life changed in a matter of seconds. it was awesome."

Indeed - her life changed and it is awesome...

Her angel (the suburban) is Matthew. He took her home and gave her a bath to get all of the nasty fleas off. Matthew phoned me because he heard that we may be able to help. He rushed over and we had already made the calls necessary to start getting her ready for her forever home. Before he left, I asked him to name her and he choose Amelia because she was flying all over Earhardt and Broad! I can't say enough about Matthew and if he is willing, we will be certain to make sure she gets to spend time with her angel!

He put her in my arms at 10am and she has been to the Vet and is resting at her Foster Home.

Amelia is eight pounds, eleven ounces. She is approximately eight weeks old. Our wonderful Vet at Riverlands Animal Hospital is pretty certain that she is a Rat Terrier/Lab Mix. We got her first set of shots, etc... naturally, she is full of worms so we are treating that.

She is the most amazing little girl... we cuddled all morning. Her Foster Mommy (Buzi) and Foster Mom (Sawyer) are making sure she is starting potty and crate training TODAY. Buzi has a few kitty cats so she will learn to love kitty cats too.

We are looking for a home for sweet baby Amelia. We would sure appreciate if you would please cross post for us. If you are interested, please email us

Matthew & HY - thanks for saving her life... When I think about the person that dumped her in the middle of a busy intersection in New Orleans - I want to punch him in the head but HY (Facebook) is spot on - her life will be awesome now and she deserves it!

We will post more photographs soon.

@ the Vet waiting to get checked out...

Our little 8#11oz situation... Her name is Amelia. More on her story soon. Stay tuned!

What we have here is a situation!

Stay tuned!

Great event! Great way to help City Bark...

NOLA City Bark is once again hosting its popular ShamPooch Paw-ty – dog wash and fundraiser on Saturday, April 2nd from 12 Noon – 4 pm for you and your dog. Paw-ty headquarters is Whole Foods on Magazine Street , Uptown. The event will raise funds for both new lighting and an irrigation system for the dog park.

ShamPooch Paw-ty | Saturday, April 2 from noon to 4pm


Cartoon time!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Here Mr. Squirrel... here boy!

Trying to eat a cat (AKA walkin' Barb) is hard work...


We like it in here...

Villalobos Rescue (Animal Planet - Pit Bulls & Parolees) visiting NOLA

One of the girls at CC gave me a heads up today... So excited to have this type of support from this great organization! Welcome to NOLA Tia Maria Torres and thanks for your support.

Wednesday morning Tia, the twins and Louise are heading out to make their way to their "home away from home": New Orleans. They will be traveling thru Arkansas (Thurs/Fri), Tennessee (Fri), Mississippi (Sat) and eventually the Big Easy (Sun/Mon). On Monday afternoon, we have the pleasure and honor of being invited to meet with the great folks at the Louisiana ASPCA in New Orleans. And as always, we are always received with open arms when going to the South and will meet up with some of our new "old" friends. CAN'T WAIT!!!!
Tia Maria Torres

Our new baby...

Day #2! Gosh - I can't get enough...

Lafreniere Park plans 4-acre dog park

From - Article

Few, if anyone, would argue that a dog disdains a good run. In tune with the rising trend to provide that, Lafreniere Park in Metairie will soon have a new fenced-in dog park to let the family pet off the leash.

The Parish Council set aside $300,000 last month, then asked for bids last week from companies willing to build the 4-acre compound on the north side of the park.

With dog parks at Bonnabel Boat Launch and City Park getting plenty of use, building one at Lafreniere seemed an excellent idea, park manager Barry McGuinness said.

“They seem to be very popular,” he said. “They seem to be what the community wants.”

The dog park will be enclosed alongside the Frisbee golf course, incorporating some of the rolling hills nearby, McGuinness said. A fence will separate the large dogs from smaller ones. Landscape architect Greg Cantrell is designing it to hold sidewalks, benches, gazebos and water fountains for humans and canines alike, McGuinness said.

Officials are hopeful bids on the construction could return by May, with the work taking about six months to complete, McGuinness said. “It’s going to be pretty basic,” he said.

Should the bids come in below the $300,000 budget, McGuinness said the park will use extra financing to enhance the dog park’s amenities. For instance, there could be enough money to build an obstacle course similar to the one at Bonnabel Boat Launch.

“We’re going to try to be fiscally responsible and get the best bang for our buck,” he said.

The babies visiting our babies today!

You see it?

I wish she could walk with us!

It's Friday y'all!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Had to get one more shot...

of this rockin' good hair cut before Mommy comes home!

Not excited at all...

Ready for her trip to the park park!

Mr. Money Pants - Henri

Well, well, well... I am hopeful that after $1,086. in tests we may be able to figure out why my little Henri has had a bad belly for most of his little life. Poor baby.... if he is not throwing up he is - well - you know. Fingers crossed that we get to the bottom of the issue and soon!

Okay... I love you now Barb

I may/may not have issues... justsayin!

Barb gets to see him often...

Love this little girl!


@ Vet, on a chair, watching the Dr. door, waiting for Henri...

Serious face!

Guess where we are?

Again... If you said the Vet, you are correct! Poor Henri...

Isabelle & Henri

Look at our new baby!

He is an eight week old Newfoundland... Awww!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

G'man thought bubble...

Thank GOODNESS the thing that goes into this thing is not home!

Meatballs for Millie ~ tomorrow!

The girls at CC asked me to post this event information... Meatballs for Millie is tomorrow!

Thursday, March 31 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm

8 Charlotte Drive Gentilly

Created By

More Info
Our family Chocolate Lab, Millie has been diagnosed with a very rare cancer known as Rhabdomyosarcoma, which has botryoid (grape-like) tumors growing in the neck of her bladder.
There are only 8-12 cases of this type of cancer documented in the United States. Millie is the first dog with this cancer to be seen in NOLA.
What is so heartbreaking is that Millie is only 23 months old and it may prove difficult to cure this type of cancer. Medical costs have hit us
hard but we are willing to do whatever we possibly can to help her prolong time with us. Please join us as we celebrate Millie’s birthday
on March 31, 2011 while raising awareness and money for her ongoing cancer treatment. Any additional/leftover monies will be donated
to Animal Cancer Research.
When: Thursday, March 31, 2011
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: 8 Charlotte Drive (between Mirabeau and Filmore)
New Orleans, LA 70122
Cost: $7.00 or donation

Stoned out of her mind...

She gets good drugs when it storms!

Love the new do!

Sweet darling Hunter needs a home...

God blessed me with another rescue Friday. This precious baby was running
down Greenwell Springs Road. My vet says he is approximately 1.5 years old
and has been neutered. He appears to have been out on his own for awhile.
I have named him "Hunter" for the moment, for he looks just like a beagle I
was raised with as a child named "Hunter". Hunter is petite, calm, and very
sweet. My vet has agreed to keep him for a short term in order for me to
find him a loving home. He will be a great lap dog and will make a great
pet. We have four of our own, so of course we can not take on another.

If you have a pet, please pass this along and help me get this viral. This
baby has lots of love to give his new owner.


Janet Rhodus

What do you want from me?

Or - what time is it?

According to her car door...

Sawyer is in!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I smell dogs...

Working on patience...

What I really want to do is eat the kitty cat that hangs out around my house but Pamela and Barb will not let me!

Remember Benny's?

Every time I pass this place I think about my first visit (saw Charmine Neville and Walter Wolfman Washington) to Benny's bar. I walked my underage a** into the bar, walked up to the bartender and asked for a Amaretto and Pineapple Juice. She asked the NO Police Officer who was standing in the corner/behind the bar if he could make it while she went to the restroom. He made a good one!

NOLA Native. Proud. Great memory. Wish I lived in the Benny's house...

Local Organization...

Are you familiar with Dogs of the 9th Ward? She is doing great work...

Strolling on BSJ...

Walkin' Katie!

Trying really hard to beat the rain...

What what what?

Good one Sawyer!?!


Reno is hard and so is this floor!

Monday, March 28, 2011

6 Men Arrested For Dog Fighting


Tour For Life - Heading to NOLA!

In partnership with PURINA ONE®, Tour for Life is the world’s largest cooperative national adoption initiative aimed at reinforcing the importance and advantages of shelter pet adoptions and familiarizing communities with their local shelter.

The tour was conceived by North Shore Animal League America – the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization – eleven years ago and is responsible for placing thousands of pets into loving and permanent homes.

Saturday ~ 4.2.11 - 11am - 3pm

Find a constant companion from the LA/SPCA, Louisiana Boxer Rescue, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue, Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), The Sula Foundation, St. Francis Animal Sanctuary, the St. Bernard Parish Animal Services or Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) off-site adoption teams. Adoption counselors and volunteers will be on hand to help you select the right pet for your family. We'll have a variety of four-legged friends waiting for a forever home!

The North Shore Animal League America team will be providing assistance via their 42' mobile adoption center + MORE!!

Can't attend, then drop by the shelter; adoption hours are 10:00am-4:00pm Monday-Saturday and noon-4:00pm Sunday.

View adoptables at

LOCATION:Clearview Mall Parking Lot
4436 Veterans Blvd.

View from the back of the pack!

Check, Check!

Kiss Barb - a

Ride in the car - a

Chase big dogs at City Bark - a

Ride in the car... again - a

Get my good girl cookie - a

Kiss Barb & relax on the expensive sofa (head on pillow later) - a

Happy Birthday to me...

10 years young!

Hi Daddy!

Enjoying our vacation...

It is going to be a long day...

But - Isabelle is helping? I have a horrible cold and fever so... it is looking like a long day at Headquarters! Thank goodness Team New Orleans Pet Care is well.

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