Saturday, August 10, 2013

School is over... walkin' Bradley time!

Princess P!

Beware of us!

My eye looks fantastic this morning!


Barb came face to face with the man of her dreams last night...

How cute is this baby?!

They call me "devil cat"

I will get it!

Isabelle Jane...

I got the funniest email about my remodel.  

"..I am dying to know if you finished your remodel.  I am tired of not hearing you complain about it..."  

Thank you for asking.  I AM! I have three more visits left... I ordered some blinds that I am waiting for, the punch list visit and a visit from the electrician.  I am so happy.  My goal this weekend is to move the car back into the garage.  

Almost there!  

Friday, August 9, 2013

How beautiful is this?

farm dreams... 

Geaux Saints?! Already?

Our yiddle girl!

We read the paper!

Physical Therapy

I feel like these kids when my PT walks in.  "Hate" is such a strong word.

HOW TO Treat Your Dog’s Cherry Eye

Great quick read!

HOW TO Treat Your Dog’s Cherry Eye | Find A Vet:

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Our little house guest... Has been here for 9 days!

When will you be back?

Public Service Announcement

207 days until Fat Tuesday!

Our eyes are open...


Morning NOLA!

I think I worked for this guy!

My eye looks amazing!

Perhaps I should watch the game from the comfort of my own home.  I REALLY want to go but really?!  It looks far worse in person.  Physical Therapy will be amazing this afternoon!  


This is our room - (see the blankets) -

My Mother's birthday -

I wonder if I am getting a present...
Happy Birthday Mommy!

What are they doing over there?

The babies...

Barb is finding them homes! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Triple threat!

Waiting for Ms. J!

Our little lady!

Works this way too!

Can we have a few more...

dental sticks?

I love it!

We walk some amazing streets! 
That could be taken the wrong way.

Slow down?

We can cool off later!

Holy Thunder

I may have had a minor heart attack! 

My teacher - Ms. Elizabeth rocks it!

Sometimes you just have to roll!

Barb found homes for these 2!

Working and singing

Not old -


So - I had Physical Therapy yesterday...

I am only showing this because I know I am going to run into a bunch of you tomorrow at the game and on the streets!  

Physical Therapy was a real "stretch" yesterday but I only have four more weeks and they were really impressed with my range of motion.  I came home to a hot house and was feeling a bit out of sorts.  I must have stood up to do something and either had another seizure or passed out. The ER Doctor said it was hard to say.  I am shocked I still have an eye.. I hit my eye on the corner of a table (I think)...  It feels as bad as it looks today.  

Thank goodness I am not in this alone!  

Ready for school!

I could watch this all day...

San Diego

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This little monster!

Doing great y'all!



Very different...

1 refuses to come in - gives you the pug booty & the other can't get in fast enough.

You sure you do not want a puppy?

Take it easy y'all!