Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We lost a baby today...

Our hearts are so heavy and we are just so thankful that her Mommy gave us the opportunity to share her life.
We love you Diva... your Mommy said she told you to look for Remy. I am sure you are both in sunshine eating cookies. Please watch over your Mom... she is going to miss you so very much and is going to need some help getting use to not having you around. We will watch her too. Rest baby Diva, rest...

Reno or bust!

We are going to miss our little pancake! Thank you so much Mommy for letting us be a part of his life... We send best wishes with you all the way to Reno and back...becuase we want you to bring our baby home soon! Much love...

I get to walkin' right now!

Thanks Mom & Dad!

Awwww... Isabelle!

Has two big girl teeth!

Isabelle holding Henri down!

Silly kid puts her paw on her brother to make sure he does not get up without her!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009