Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

Henri & Isabelle... better photos

Bradley just took these with his new IPhone...  



Nothing like two sleepy Labs...

Isabelle & Henri

Standing in front of the freezer waiting for something to drop... 
What?  I have no idea! 

Dear Mommy:

I am working hard to love them but I just want to protect our kitty cats and our house.  I love only you Mommy but I am working on it.  Your darling son, H

All smiles...


Attack spot... getting better!

Our darling baby B is getting better!

I love when clients send photos!

Thanks CJ...  I love it!

Clowns freak me out...

Dry my belly...

Such a darling face...

Are you serious?

See you soon...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heads up team and neighbors

On Tuesday the 1st from 7am - 2pm they will be filming in the neighborhood.

No parking signs posted at:
1500 4th Street (downtown side)
2600 Prytania Street (lake side)
2800 Prytaina Street (river side)
2500 & 2600 St. Charles (river side)


'Love at First Bark' a great read with ties to New Orleans rescue community

Thanks for the heads up on this article HR! I can't wait to get the book!

'Love at First Bark' a great read with ties to New Orleans rescue community |

'via Blog this'

Happy babies... Loves a good Marisa walkin!

Old faithful...

I love that this family has a alligator on the porch!
He is rockin' his Halloween hat...  LOVE

Good one... that is scary!

One of us...

Is much more serious than the other!

I could teach that too!

Good catch Marisa!

I want to get it!

It is my squirrel! 


lets not let me go outside!
Trust me...  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Walkin' Marisa... relaxing!

Darling face...

This does not freak me out...

This really freaks me out...

Our house guest...

Kickin' on my sofa!

Hurry Pamela!

I want to watch the other dog!

Mornin world!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pet Poison Helpline

Tis the season y'all... It is not just chocolate!  Treats containing the artificial sweetener xylitol are poisonous to dogs and cats. We had to rush two dogs to the ER once because Daddy left his Sam's Club extra large packages of sugar free gum all over the coffee table.  Everything turned out fine but we all had some serious moments of concern.  The Daddy did learn his le$$on! 

Pet Poison Helpline ~ 800.213.6680

It will be helpful to have the time of the exposure to the toxin, how much was ingested and the manufacturer's name and ingredients.  

Some other useful numbers...
ASPCA Ani-Med ~ 888.721.9100
These two are fee based services so have a credit card handy!

You try to make her sit!

Keeping a watchful eye on Hurricane Rina

She is funny!

I was sleeping Pamela!

This is a hint!

But I can't flip the photograph.  
OH WELL...  
More to come!

You love me Pamela?

I love you my rice cake too.  

Sending love!

Our houseguest!