Saturday, April 4, 2015

I blame myself...

Just a boy (lost his balls last week...) and his treats!

Random spend the night scheduled when Mom got a presi from the Easter Bunny.

Just a girl... kicking it with Erin and Erin's kitty cat!

The love we have for this little girl...

Never gets old...

OHHH goodness... I need these affirmations lately!

Hello & happy Friday! 
P out of town next week and our friend..., is staying at the house with the girls.  She will be walking them but I have given her your number in case she needs you guys. 

Thanks so very much for ALWAYS being there for us - you have changed my life with all of the help and love!

Cuddles up...

Caturday - Holida weekend addition!

Holy Winter Conditions

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Here's the thing...

Magazine Street has turned into YOLO Avenue.

Prytania is another story. If you only live once... Don't take Prytania. You may meet your maker between Washington Avenue and the ER entrance at Turo Infirmary.

Everyone driving needs to calm down. And this lady... Oy vey. 

Love me?

This little one is here...

I keep confusing her for Isabelle.

Last night I had 4 black labs, Erin's Murph and Bradley's Max.  Thankfully one lab left but 4 in the bed was a bit much.  They slept...  thank you Murph for sleeping in the chair! I almost joined you.

note to self -

Stop playing on the blog and get cracking.  

How I feel -

Thank y'all so much for...
your patience
your support
for loving us...even when I am totally frustrating

So thankful and love, love, love being so busy! 

If Pamela, Erin, Barb, Emilie, et. al ask for a day off anytime soon...

Just sat down to start working on Friday - Sunday...

"nicole - slow your roll"
Jack Handy 
(not really)
should be working... 

If Bradley EVER wants another day off in his entire (NOLAPC) life. Today I would say -

Do what?

Mommy is on her way home!

FDA Alerts Veterinarians and Pet Owners Not to Use Prescription Center Pharmacy Products


CVM Updates FDA Alerts Veterinarians and Pet Owners Not to Use Prescription Center Pharmacy Products

Always Carnival time!

Why is Magazine Street YOLO Heights at 10:49am today?

Dog helps boy with autism overcome daily challenges

Lovely story...

a beautiful, smart, lovely, little girl gave me this present this AM

She stopped me while I was walking my dogs.  I almost cried.  So sweet!

Gosh I love our client's house

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Where have y'all been?

Got to hang out on BSJ today...

I love it!

My heart is all Ms. Pamela's (unless Bradley is here...)

Wait - two more minutes of sleep!

Taking oders to deliver ASAP!

Congress Bites At Pet Exemption

Great read.

Off to play school!

Pleased to announce our investment in this amazing company... Warby Barker

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We can't both be still!

Who knows...

New Orleans ranks among worst traffic cities in the country, world

Thank you Captain Obvious.  No... REALLY?  Shocking.  NOT.

We will miss our OG Who Dat!

Sending love with you all the way to Chicago!


When is Mommy going to come home with presi for us?

Don't hate me bacause I am beautiful!

Erin's houseguest loves her kitty cat...


Someone cares more...

New home appliance serves up Jell-O shots

You're welcome.

Introducing Google Translate - You must check this out!

Good morning, give me breakfast!

Sending love...


Our first little Who Dat...

In July of 2007 I received a telephone call from a gentleman who was about to bring this little one home.  R&S were so very viligent and passionate about making sure the new addition was well taken care of.  We got him at 9ish weeks and and he lived here and lived with my staff for 8+ years. They are the type of owners who made sure he was walked Monday - Friday mid day and if they were going to be a minute  past late would add a PM. We have shared so many milestones... the birth of G's sister was the best milestone ever. Today is our last day with him and we are all so heartbroken but so happy for them. A new journey but it hurts to let them go. He was my first Who Dat and I am so thankful that they have trusted us enough to lead others to us. We are going to miss y'all so much. 

Now (umless they are playing us) the Bears will be my 2nd favorite team.  

S,R,C & G - We appreciate your support and adore y'all.  We all love you G man.