Saturday, January 5, 2013

These make my day...

Thank you! 
Just got home, and the kitties look very well cared-for. They even got a few toys from "Santa" Pamela. Please let Pamela and Erin know how much we appreciate the loving care they give the cats. Thanks again for everything, it's such a relief knowing we can leave town and Porter and Eva are in good hands. And we love seeing them on the blog :)
Pamela left a note saying she broke the pill dispenser and would replace it but it was already broken so please tell her not to worry :)

I love you Vilma!

We did so good Mommy!

After a HUGE adventure...

Dr. Daddy is on his way home! 

Look Y'all! - GLASS

For all of you who have been in my house...  To a person, I always have to tell the story about this sign when people come over.   During Hurricane Katrina, the glass broke and  I was embarrassed to bring it to the sign store!  Well - the glass came to me and it looks so much better?!!

When I lived in San Francisco, a homeless man named Sterling who was 54, lived in front of my building.  I met him the first day I moved there and he was shocked that I spoke to him which shocked me.  We became fast friends and I brought his daily coffee on my way out the door in the morning and often shared dinner with him.  Without fail, he would meet me at the bus stop when it was dark to make sure I made it home safely.  It broke my heart that Sterling had to use the bottom of coke bottles as a magnifying glass to read the paper and books and when I met an Eye Doctor I was thrilled when he agreed to give him some eye glasses. .  We had a wonderful relationship for 4 years.  Before I moved to Los Angeles, I brought Sterling a new box and marker and asked if I could buy his sign and he agreed.  It has been in my homes for 23 years.  It reminds me that by the grace of God go I...  I got my last letter from him 21 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't walk by, kiss my hand and touch the sign.

Friday, January 4, 2013

I have a baby brother...

Not sure if I like him yet.


Someone broke in the house and did that but I ran them off before they could take anything.  Thank goodness I was here!

Don't worry...

I can get my own cookies! 

Here it is!


We yub Ms. Megan!

and she loves us!

Morning Mommy!

I refuse to look

That is not what you think...

It is a toy!

What to play with this?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hi Mommy...

I am taking good care of Erin and Murphy! 

No cone baby!

Sending love from NOLA!

2012 Blog Hits - Amelia

I am not sure if you saw the blog post yesterday about our YE Blogger Hits but today I got this update from Amelia's Daddy.  It made my day! 


Nicole, H told me about the blog "hits", and I thought an update was

She grew (45Lbs) into a beautiful, funny, caring, playful angel and her
unconditional love is always a pleasure to come home to...especially on rough

Amelia is the sweetest, most loving angel you can imagine. She constantly does
things that amaze me, and she steals my heart daily.

Her interaction with children (I have six grandkids) is truly something to see.
It is such an amazing combination of tenderness and careful play that it makes
your heart skip a beat and brings a tear to your eye.

We are best friends and I would be lost without her.

Thanks to you, and Helen, for getting us together...I will NEVER forget meeting
my little girl for the first time with you and Sawyer.

Hope your holidays were/are wonderful.

Amelia's Proud Dad,
Eddie R.  

Brother Deuce

Henri & Isabelle's brother!  A bigger boy than Henri... thank goodness they got the big one...


I just want to cuddles!

Tink on her sailboat!

What a life!

I smile...

because I have no idea what is going on!

Really? Are you kidding me? School?

Good morning NOLA!

Admit it - you laughed!

Dear Mother Nature:

Turn the heater on...  we live here for a reason!

Yub each other!

Pit Bull Stays By Fallen Buddy’s Side for 14 Hours


Pit Bull Stays By Fallen Buddy’s Side for 14 Hours

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If you are doing some New Year cleaning...

ARNO needs blankets.  If you can't get them there, we will pick up and drop off for you!

You know Max is sick when he will not eat a dingo...

Poor Max...

I had to take him to the ER last night.  The poor baby is having some sort of allergy attack.  Benadryl makes him so sleepy!

Meggings creep me out.


Bradley & Marisa...

Enjoying this white stuff on NYD!  I am glad we are all rocking short sleeves here!

Mardi Gras is only 42 days away! 

Blogger Year End Hits!

I am amazed that our little blog gets the number of hits that it does!  Thank you followers.  I thought I would take a moment to update the most visited and shared stories.  It is shocking that the leading Google article regarding Sago Palm Toxicity is our post.  It is a very dangerous plant and very common!

#2 Mom died of cancer...  I am not sure if we had anything to do with this but it speaks volumes to power of Social Media.  These babies were placed in a forever home within 48 hours of her email.

#3 Had a hard day... This is sweet baby Amelia!  I am never sure if it is because New Orleans is such a small city or because of the number of clients we have the pleasure of taking care of.  Thanks to one of our AMAZING clients (HR!XO) Amelia was adopted and is now a client.  She has the most amazing, loving Daddy and is living large in the Quarter.

#4 Brown Widow Spiders... No idea why this had been so popular?!

#5 Dog Fighting Game...A few of these games were released in 2011 and 2012.  This is another example of the power of Social Media.  It did not take long for pressure from animal lovers to get the companies that released them to pull them down.

Thanks followers!  All the best in 2013!

Can anyone help?

Look at this face...  I will take the financial responsibility and take care of the transport if someone can take on the foster responsibility.  Please phone or email if you can help! 


FOSTER/RESCUE!!!!!! Please HELP this mom and her puppies THEY need to get out the kill shelter!!!! The shelter isn't a place for newborn puppies and the shelter gets extremely cold at night!! Please anyone who can help and spread the word it will be very much appreciated!!

Wishing all the best in 2013...

Bonne année à tous!