Saturday, December 1, 2012


Today we celebrate the life of my Cousin Camille...  Somethings one will never understand.  This is one of those things.  In better days... Her Father (my Uncle), my Nanny (Southern for God Mother), her son who just graduated from Law School, Camille and her daughter - Megan Nicole.

Peace be with you Camille
Rest in peace...

Generally speaking, I keep my private life private but the power of Social Media - facebook in this case has caused a huge cross over.  Thanks for all of your kind emails, etc.  

Please don't hesitate to phone, etc... Bradley is on it today!  


This is out of control...  Give me five minutes (I would just like to have a conversation) with the person who thought this we the right thing to do.  Come on.  Really?

My bugs!

are clients today too...  Henri (dorky smile) & Isabelle (serious face)

Hurry Bradley!


Only 73 days until Mardi Gras!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Beautiful profile...

Walkin time!

See ya!

Hurricane Season 2012 is OVER!

Heads up y'all!

In other words... if you have to be in my neighborhood - expect total frustration.


Dear Neighbor:

We would like to notify you that we will be shooting scenes in your area for a feature film. We will be filming weekdays at 2801 St. Charles Ave.beginning Monday, December 3, 2012 and continuing until Friday, December 21, 2012, and then again on January 7thand 8th, 2013.  During this time we will have “NO PARKING” restrictions on the following streets:

"NO PARKING" signs for filming and unloading equipment in the following areas beginning Wednesday, November 28th:
- 2800 Block of St. Charles Ave.(Lakeside Only, betweenWashington and Conery)
- 1600 Block of Washington Ave (Both Sides, first 150’ from St. Charles only)
All crew cars/personal vehicles and large trucks will be parked in a private lot off-site.

Dates of Filming:
Monday, December 3, 2012 through Friday, December 21, 2012, and Monday, January 7th through Tuesday, January 8th.  Weekdays only, during the hours of 6 AM -7 PM. In December we will filming only inside 2801 St. Charles, but we will film the exterior of the building on Tuesday, January 8th.
We realize that this is a residential neighborhood, and are making every effort to minimize our impact on public spaces. (For example, we will NOT be lining St. Charles with large trucks, and only necessary personnel will come to set)

On January 7th and 8th, uniformed law enforcement Officers will be assisting us with intermittent traffic control, up to but not exceeding 3 minute intervals, during the hours of 6 AM - 6 PM while filming. (excluding rush hour) The street affected is: St. Charles Ave., both directions between Washington Ave. and 6th St. and Washington Avenue, both directions between St. Charles and Carondelet.

These arrangements are being made with knowledge and cooperation of The New Orleans Police Department, Department of Public Works, and the Mayor's Office of Film and Video. For more information, feel free to contact Katherine Williams of Film New Orleans at (504-658-4315).
Please feel free to call the locations department with any questions or concerns. We appreciate the opportunity to continue making movies in the City of New Orleansand are grateful for your hospitality.
John Jabaley                       Justin Etienne                           Johnny Eastlund
Location Manager               Assistant Location Manager      Locations Assistant
(504) 252-0723                   504-251-4157                           816-223-4261

Toy time...

Sleeping with my head up!

I will clean it!

My bad...

It was fun but I hope I am not in trouble.  
Ms. Erin laughed and cried...  
She had to clean it up!
This is only a glance into my mess. 
I love you Mommy and Daddy... You complete me.

All smells!

Happy Dance!

Good morning world!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This is my happy face!


Did you know you can have a party at the SPCA Animal Rescue and Care Center?  It is a fantastic facility!

Call Hollie @ 504.762.3321
Or visit Louisiana SPCA website

I am cute!

Mommy is working HARD!

Inspiration needed today...

Please watch this when you have a moment...  It is beautiful.  If you watch, please watch all of it... the end is amazing.  

So inspiring...

A deaf-mute girl on a horse that she has ridden for only THREE weeks!!, not to mention the song she picked out to dedicate to her deceased father! Listen to the announcer's voice crack! The horse she is riding is not even hers; she is training it for a client and has had it only 20 days at the time of the ride shown here. Note that she rides without a saddle or halter and bit and (obviously) without voice commands. She is using the method used by North American Indians. When you think your voice can't be heard I want each of you to watch this Video. She has no voice. She cannot hear. Yet she has persevered and achieved! 

Levity in the office...


That is where they are going?  Baby (as in real one) class?  Is that thing going to come here?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My cousin Camille died today.  She was such a huge part of my younger life. Camille - you were a beautiful, wonderful person and I am so blessed to have had you in my life.  May you have peace and never forget that we all loved you more than you will ever realize.  I wish I would have taken you up on that offer for a satellite  NOLAPC in your city and so honored that you named your Daughter after me... The day you shared that with me, I remember being so humbled.

Peace be with you...

Really - I am happy!

I love this smile!

I love this ball!

When do the presents start?

Hi Daddy!

I am getting more freedom!


Our little priss priss!

Keep the faith people!

The Humane Society of Louisiana - FB post... CAN YOU GIVE?

Ho ho ho! Want some happy holiday news? Our first pet adoption transport will roll in just a few days, and along with more than a dozen homeless pups, 30 Christmas kitties will be heading to new families, too--18 of them from the Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter. Particularly because today is 'Giving Tuesday', if you're able to help us put 'Santa's rescue sleigh' on the road, we'd greatly appreciate it. With your support, scores of homeless animals will soon receive the magical gift of a home for the holidays!!!

The Humane Society of Louisiana:

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This has nothing to do with anything!

It just made me laugh. Good morning y'all!

Play toys!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Good PM y'all!

Love the smile...

Seriously cracks us up! 


Serious case of... 

Happy, blessed rescue!

Blind, Deaf and 3-Legged Dog Saves Family From Fire

Sweet, sad but happy story.  Need a good cry?!

Blind, Deaf and 3-Legged Dog Saves Family From Fire:

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Will you come back soon!?!

Y'all please be safe!

NOPD Handles Several Shootings on Monday Night
The first shooting happened sometime around 2030 when two (2) men were found shot at the intersection of Washington and Annunciation which is located two blocks South of the Garden District.  The victims’ names and descriptions (other than gender) have not been released, nor has any information on the suspect(s).  One victim was shot in the head and chest, the other in the leg.  Both victims were transported to University Hospital.

The second shooting happened approximately the same time (2030) when one man was found shot in the 2000 block of 2ndStreet which is located 3 blocks outside of Garden District.  As with the other shooting, the victim’s name and description has not been released, nor has any information on the suspect.  The victim was shot in the hand and was transported to University Hospital.

It is unknown at this time whether the two a-fore-mentioned incidents are related.

In addition to the above shootings, there were 3 additional shootings with 5 additional victims.   The first was in Marrero around 1745 in the 2000 block of Lincolnshire.  There were 2 victims; 29 y/o Robert Curtis Jr. who was DOA with a GSW to the head and 44 y/o Altin Perry, also shot in the head, in critical condition at University Hospital.

At 1900, a female was shot in the buttocks in the 2300 block of St. Andrew St.  No other information is available at this time.

The last shooting occurred around 2300 block of Caswell Ln.  There were two (2) victims; one (1) male and one (1) female.  Both are expected to survive.  No other information is available at this time.
 Reported by: Kenneth Ryan Starr, Sgt / NOPP

Dogwalker Otterbox

LASPCA - Giving Tuesday!

We have a day for giving thanks.  We have two for getting deals.  It's time to have a day for giving back.
Honor a friend or family member for the holiday season and visit


My poor team...

I guess it could be worse.  Like 18 or something! 

They do!