Friday, July 18, 2014

We love you Mommy!

My bad...

So I accidentally kicked the plug to my charger and my phone went flying.

I am going to totally need a new one.

If I don't respond to a text... please email.

I would take a photograph but - well... I can't.

Can you come back next week?

New a blow out!

Seriously -

Love but sort of freaks me out.

Why is Barb the only one in the yard in the rain?

You know what we could use?

Rain.  Ohhh - wait.

Dear Mother Nature:

Please calm down.  Isabelle is in the bathtub.  Pamela is the only Team Member who LOVES this weather and I have to walk my babies in a few.  Thanks so much for your consideration.


My neighbor lets me pick limes... I love um.

Anyone care?  Totally did not think so. Nonetheless - my pickings this morning.

Great ears!

Sparkle honey!

(Totally forgot to post this yesterday!)

You just can't miss this HUGE pothole in Lakeview...

We all choose to live below sea level.


Us - today! LOVE!

Where are we going?!

It is Friday y'all!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buffy fetches Benson, the deaf black lab - Three Million Dogs


Buffy fetches Benson, the deaf black lab - Three Million Dogs

Need your shoes?

Barb can totally hook you up!

We get super serious when you take the cookies out!

Pets and "delayed (dry) drowning"

Just FYI - When Henri goes underwater to the bottom of the pool to retrieve something (generally nothing at all)  he will stay until he gets it or figures out that it is nothing at all... and I panic. 

I can't swim so if something happened I am not sure what I would do... 

I sent this tweet to American Veterinary Medical Association and this is the replay.  I will be vigilant about making sure we visit our Vet if he stays down to long.   

I just need the Arby's hat!

Sending love from New Orleans!

Take a moment to cuddle even when you want to push away...

This story of a dog's last day on earth is beautiful and utterly heartbreaking.  

Even when those that you love and need the most are compelled to "push you away"...  they are always there for us.  What a blessings our babies are.  

The day that I sent Remy over the rainbow he had Popeyes, a cupcake and cookies.  I would not trade that day for anything in the world.  

Dog Wants a Kitty

Owner of emaciated pit bull arrested after dog left for dead at Harvey apartment following eviction


Cat Walks Boy to Preschool Every Day

Such a sweet story...

"Cats make great buddies for kids and Milly Moo, a sweet black and white kitty, is a perfect example of this. She’s extremely protective of her three-year-old human, William Dutton.."

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Talkin’ Funny: Louisiana Style

Bless our hearts! 

Kickin it

Our bugs are back!

Owner of emaciated pit bull arrested after dog left for dead at Harvey apartment following eviction


Feeling the nip!

Super nice of DL to leave for her guys!


Do you have to leave so soon?

My marking spot

Yub you Mommy!


Me too

Thanks random drinker...

I will get it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Duck Rescue Is Eventful - Presh...

Our monkey got back from vacation... And - he has grown!

Relaxing stroll...

Let me in!


Love time with Pamela...

Our little Princess Grace moved and we miss her so much...

Morning play!

My open letter to Diet Coke

Dear Diet Coke:  

Stop telling me to share my soda with random people.  My two (yes - I double fist my soda in the morning) cans want me to share with a "Pal" and a "Go-Getter".  Neither of whom are here and I am not waiting for them.  


Iams & Eukanuba - 2 major dogs food brands issue recall

"Proctor & Gamble has issued a press release regarding a voluntary recall they are performing on select Iamsand Eukanuba dry dog & cat foods, due to a possibility of Salmonella contamination. Fortunately, according to P&G, there have not yet been any reports of illness due this contamination.

A dog who has ingested salmonella may be lethargic and have diarrhea (possibly with blood), fever, and vomiting. Some dogs will have only decreased appetite, fever and stomach pain. Infected dogs can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian ASAP..."