Saturday, August 28, 2021

Also - this happened yesterday while I was gone!

He was behind the house snacking on ducks. Our resident CHOOT UM came over and took care of the situation. HE GONE. RIP duck eater. 

... oh and I picked up two more!

When the professional pet sitter is actually your Designated Emergency Pet Guardian. 

Isabelle is NOT having it and has been pretty vocal about it. They are worn out from chasing ducks and lapping the yard. Isabelle will make sure they are transported back to CCV the moment they open! The one in the back is a maniac. I forget how much work little ones are. 

One more thing...

This makes me so sad. For those of you "professional pet sitters" that follow this blog (and I know who some of you are) you are wrong for treating people like this. You should have a signed contract and had discussions prior to with regard to Designated Emergency Pet Guardian. If you have not figured that out by now you have no business being in this business. 



Well... here we are. We are done for the day...  

I will update tomorrow morning. 

PS - If you can't reach me via text or email. I am on Zello. (Nicole Douget) If you have not downloaded Zello I would highly recommend doing so. As a lot of us know, texting will not work as consistently as we will want it to. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Not having it today

Walking professionalism

A hurricane will make landfall in Louisiana on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

Hi Mom… Dad is taking good care of us!

Hello friends

It’s International Dog Day!

Happy #internationaldogday  I am happy to report that Isabelle is doing well. Actually… exceedingly well. We have renamed her IsaRi because Henri possessed her little body. Her new behavior is expecting her water bowl to be brought to her and picked up quickly. If one forgets to pick it up she will literally slap it off the bed. She refuses to eat her food until you put mozzarella balls on top of it and demands 3/4 walks to the end of the driveway on a daily basis. Thank y’all for sharing your babies with us. ❤️

It is geaux time friends…

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Sweet little Bea

We lost a sweet little girl today... our darling little Bea. She was one of a kind and had every single one of us at hello. Pamela and Bea spent nearly every single work day together for 10ish years. Not only did princess Bea get one walk a day, for most of her life she got two and loved her car rides to playgroup. I have never met a puppy with more toys... she sure loved her babies. Our hearts are broken. 

I know your Mommy will need you to stay close to her. Let her know you are around... I hope you are safely with Remy and Henri. Stay with them and they will protect you little girl. We love you so much. 

All ears

Did we miss the Mail truck?

Post win dos

Did not have this on my bingo card…

It’s hot

He was not happy at all!