Friday, May 22, 2015

This just in - a post on Midcity Neighbor site:

Person carjacked this morning outside of Biscuit & Buns on Banks. The guy was wearing a neon S&WB vest. I don't know if he had a weapon but took off with her black Mercedes

School dismissed at 3:20 yesterday & at 3;30 -

She phoned to ask if she could move in for the summer.  OH MY!

I got my hair did!

You know it is going to be hectic when the day starts with hearing the following…

On the way BACK to the Vet…

Fell down and hurt my knee and back…

Found a squirrel with two broken legs…

Great news… we are down to 407 emails (this we are thankful for).  

I wonder if they are still together...

I hope things worked out and they have a little family.

Houston to NOLA - Transport (Week of 5.25.15)

From Kim  - Belladoggie and Dag's House - 

ATTENTION Friends of Belladoggie and Dag's House!

We are looking for a volunteer who is willing to transport this little girl from the Houston SPCA to the New Orleans metro area within the next week. She is a young, 7lb. Terrier who has hind-end lameness (so she cannot walk) that is likely from an old injury. She is going to come to Dag's House where she can be properly fitted for a wheel chair and re-homed!

If you or someone you know is coming to New Orleans from Houston and is willing to bring an adorable 7lb. hitchhiker, please call us ASAP and let us know! 504-309-9510.
 — at Belladoggie Resort Spa for Dogs.

Just a Lady with her duck...

Happy Birthday Pamela!

We love you so much and are all blessed to have you in our lives. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Here's what's happening in our neck of the woods...

It is raining.  Again.  

Hurry Bradley!

I saw my Remy today!

Note - under the covers y'all!

Him is growin!

My spot!

Why my shoe needs to be involved in this nap is a mystery to me...

What the hell are these two doing?

Talking to Ms. Pamela!

Bug... You can sit in front all morning but -

It is not cookie time!

Morning Presh!

The things we wake up to!

Happy National Pothole Day! Something we can all celebrate! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Our 4th new weekly babies!

What is wrong with us!?! LOL - Doggy Daycare

French Market Corp. used poison to control pigeon population, TV station reports


Kitten rescued from Crescent City Connection guard rail

Poor darling...  what is wrong with people?
I am going to miss that pothole in Lakeview.  You know the one! 

Roll out peeeeeeps

This blanket sets off my hair color.

Hey Ms. Pamela!


Lady, Henri and Hard Head

Play time this morning!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Haha! She thought Barb clocked out!


Barb was walking a baby in Old Metairie and as she started to walk up the stairs into the house a snake (*not this one but his relative) slithered under the bushes.  They made it inside and we sent a text to Mom who in turn sent a text to the gardner.  Here is the thing...  She said - it is a harmless snake... "more scared of us".  These two things are so not accurate in my mind.  It is completely harmful and no chance in HELL it is more scared of me. Poor Emilie has to go back this PM and I will fully support her from the comfort of my car!  GoodGawd - if it were my house, it would already be on the market!

Where the heck have you been?

Playin in here!

I got my pink house, my blanket and I am ready to priss on into it hontey!

Kids - Louisiana... it is SPREADING

Love this smile...

I love you too Ms. Pamela...

HEYYYY - What are you doing here Mr. Bradley

Early morning cuddles!

My shadow...

Keeping it real in the Garden District...


Yelling at tourists.
Yelling at Commanders Valet staff.
Keeing watch over the Benjamin Buttons house!
Keeping watch over Sandra Bullock's house...

trois laboratoires de l'entreprise de sécurité. Notre devise - Garder ce réel dans le Garden District!