Friday, December 19, 2014

Let is sneaux, let is sneaux, let it sneaux!

Don't blink...  you may miss it!

So thankful...

We have the most amazing, generous clients.  Thank y'all so much for all of the holiday cards and gifts.  We are all so thankful and so appreciative for all of you.  So touched...

Judith Kelleher Schafer, 72, a historian of slavery and prostitution, dies

What a huge loss for our community.  A wonderful client, a fascinating woman....  

Cuddles me one more time...


Back to normal...

We are going to have a great New Year Mom!

All dressed and ready...

Rainy day face...

Erin made me go!

These are all mine... mine, mine, mine!

Seriously - look closely...

Mommy took...  Bradley left.  He has a tear in his eye and he is covering his face with his tail.  Presh!

Walkin' Bradley!

Bailey Leon Moonlight and Miracles Tree of Life

Sean Payton talked about Bailey Leon just last week...  Her message is so simple and beautiful yet profound and I am so happy to have been introduced to her story in a few different ways and from a few different people over the past months.    

She is flying with the angels today but not without making a huge impact on a lot of people. Bless her parents, her family and trust that her life and message touched many and her legacy will live as the "tree of life" lives.  


Thursday, December 18, 2014

So... This just happened at the Carondelet/St. Charles exit near the station

Avoid at all cost y'all!  


5 minutes later but it was fun!


Baby got a blow out!

All I have is orange kool-aid.   
My cold hurts. 
No – I am not 5.  

No fear – Megan is here! 

Amber Alert in Lakeview...

Dear Perp:  Bring him back... no questions asked.

Still waiting patiently...

Can you stay just one more night?

Cat Watching Slayer

This cat reminds me of someone.  The sofa looks oddly familiar and the music... well.

This cat is owning it!

A little holiday for us this morning!

"Bells Will Be Ringing" ft. Irvin,  Ashlin Parker, David Harris, Derek Douget, Peter Harris, Ronald Markham, and Adonis Rose. 

By the way... I love watching Derek preform.  He has so much fun... He is constantly cutting up on stage.  The apple does not fall far...

13 Dogs and 1 Cat Have a Wonderful Holiday Feast

Why can't I get invited to this?  The cat cracks me up!

13 Dogs and 1 Cat Have a Wonderful Holiday Feast

Adler's Exclusive COBBLESTONE Collection - Heads up y'all!

I just saw a commercial and it hit me...  While these are cute, they are not accurate because all of the cobblestones are actually in place.  #justsayin #IloveNOLA.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I look pretty...

Anyone want a cold?  I have one you can have. 


A puppy is going to be in trouble when Mom gets home...

He is early!

Kiss me!

I moved and it is confusing me...

I spent the morning playing Santa Paws.  It feels so good to be able to give back.  Megan and I are back on it!

I love this one...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How darling is this... You should see this house! AMAZE!

I love Buddy Bolden so I am going to let this one slide... Heads up!

Tentative plans to shoot a Garden District scene from a  movie about Buddy Bolden have been released. The film is an adaptation of the legend of Charles “Buddy” Bolden, known as King Bolden. His band was a top draw in New Orleans from about 1900 until 1907, until he was incapacitated by schizophrenia. 

 Our story is told from Buddy’s institution where he hears the distant music from his past that ignites the memory of his experiences in New Orleans in 1906 and his decline into schizophrenia.
 We are currently planning on filming in New Orleans  late January 2015. One of our locations is in the Garden District just out side Lafayette Cemetery.  Below is our tentative schedule: 

6th Street  Between Coliseum Street and Prytania Street
Parking schematics are being planned in the area and will be released as soon as finalized.
FILMING SCHEDULE:  MONDAY JANUARY 26, 1014 approximately 7AM to 7PM (day only) Rain Date Wednesday January 28th 2014
SCENE:  NOLA – DAY -1889: Young Buddy Bolden runs down sidewalk along the white wall.
PREPARATION:  Sunday, January 26th2015
RESTORATION: Tuesday, January 27th 2015 

Getting my love!

Saints beat Bears, 31-15, take NFC South lead

That was so much fun yet this is so hard to believe!

CATionary tell...

Last week, one of our clients that lives in a rental apartment came home to find only one cat in her house.  Her landlord visited that day and one of the babies had gotten out of the house.  We were scheduled to start the following day and Pamela and I searched and searched for her all weekend to no avail.  She was found this morning...  

It is always a great idea to have a "reminder sign" posted near your lock (even if it is small) or tape over the lock with a note if you know they are coming by just to remind them about your pets.   Also, I always recommend having a baby gate in a rental that you put up daily in the main entry door.  

This turned out just fine this time but it could have ended terribly!  

Walkin Bradley

Check out my holiday spirit face...

Do I look like I enjoy this?

Pamela's new BFF!

The first thing she said was "can I take you home with me"

Monday, December 15, 2014

Excuse me I was restin.

Ready to geaux!

We can handle the rain...  It is the 44 degrees that bothers me!

In Chicago?

Check out Analogue!  Support a NOLA guy!

Beautiful day for a walkin!

This Boxer to Mommy...

You said I could open one early!

The other Remy!

What am I getting?

Kickin it while it is quiet...

I have socks now!


Good eye. Erin!
Outside of a church by the way.  If they drank all of the Buffalo they should have eaten the bread!

Cross your paws kids!

It is game day!

May look a little pop warner.  Justsayin but I love um!  

Excitement building...