Saturday, August 15, 2020

We love you so much Cain...

For almost ten years we have had the pleasure of seeing Cain and Tessa... twice a day... 5 days a week.  But, not only that... we have lived with them for weeks and weeks at a time. When I tell you that these two have the PERFECT Mom and Dad... well, it would be an understatement. 

We loved this little boy so much... 

Erin always said you have a heart of gold, friend to everyone and everything. You were all love, all the time. You were also a forever puppy, and still enjoyed chewing things up from time to time ... we could never be mad at your sweet face. 

Our sweet little Cain. Please stay by the babies and Mom and Dad, remind Tessa to be a good girl and I know Erin will appreciate you staying near her too. You could not have been a better boy... Really, we don't deserve dogs like you and we know you are here to teach us lessons. Well done Cain. I hope you found Remy and MurphyMcGonigle  and that y'all are all eating the foods that we only let you have as a treat surrounded by water and ducks and in a huge beautiful yard. 

You left a lasting imprint. We love you.