Friday, June 27, 2014

Pharrell honey!

ASPCA Launches Mobile App for Pet Parents

I have the best team!



One of us did not want to have our photo taken!

Please join us this Saturday from 2-4pm at Petcetera at 3205 Magazine and 

across the street in the Gulf Coast Bank Parking lot with adoptable ARNO 

dogs from our no-kill shelter along with gorgeous fireman from JPFD and 

NOFD competing in a dog biscuit eating contest! All to help ARNO and JPAS! 

Can you imagine all these wonderful fireman helping animals! What a great 

honor for ARNO and a wonderful event for everyone! Music, food and lots of 

adorable dogs!

Our little house guest...

WWL - AM870 | FM10WDSU Takes A Beating Over "Today Show" Blackout

I am glad they used our tweets.  Not a class move...

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - WDSU Takes A Beating Over "Today Show" Blackout

YUB our new little!

Our new little one gets cuter every day!

Maternity leave for a new puppy?! Yea - why not?

Drying off!

Sending love to Mommy!

Louisiana crawfish tradition becomes global phenomenon

Time out for this!

Erin got her a new toy... Her loves it!

Erin's little house guest...

Off to school!

I love this garage in the Garden District...

It is across the street from the Ann Rice  house driveway.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


The three stooges!

Our other new babies!

I love adding daily babies to our family!

One of us likes walks better!

A terrified abandoned dog gets rescued. His transformation will warm you...

Our little bug bugs love walkin!

Loves walkin'!

Max and his little lady!

Morning Mommy!

Someone is sending a strong message to the neighbors!

I agree.

Pray for my Team...

I have no diet coke...  2nd iced coffee.  Should I be shaking?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Holy thunder!

Summer cut!

I wonder who did this?

Not me?!

Our other new babies!

I don't want to play...

I act out when I want more attention...

I am cute...
I am sweet...
I am smart...

Making herself at home on Erin's lap!

Our newest little baby!

BR family in mourning after finding cat cut in half

Warn your friends in Baton Rouge! 

Favorite day of the week!

Henri getting his soaking before our walk!