Saturday, December 20, 2008

Good Saturday Morning!

This is J's totally serious... "give me that cookie in your hand" face! They were not lovin' the Snowman yard ornament in the neighborhood this morning. They wanted to "have" it. Our harsh winder weather (61 degrees) is making our walkin', walkin', walkin' very enjoyable!

Cookies Dance!

After they danced with Sawyer for cookies they decided to pose!


Is in charge of all things horticultural at La Maison Buzi... including but not limited to - sitting on them, batting them, smacking them, etc. This is his "what you lookin' at?" face.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Shopping made better when you can bring your baby!

Arts Market of New Orleans
Saturday, December 20 & Sunday, December 21
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Palmer Park
S. Carrollton & S. Claiborne Avenue(s)
Free and open to the public!

Discover a vibrant market brimming with exciting pieces from the region’s best artisans. From paintings, photography, ceramics, glasswork, jewelry, woodwork and printmaking to handcrafted clothing, soap and candles, the Arts Market truly offers something for every person and every budget. Plus live music, food and drink from your favorite local restaurants, and exciting and educational kid's activities.

This month is a two day holiday extravaganza! Along with your favorite market artists showing on both days, Sunday will feature the debut of new Arts Market artists, along with your favorites. In total, over 160 artists showing over two days. More details... Continued

(Jessica intoduced me to this photographer... love it! It looks like they will be there this weekend... )

Caroling in the Square...

Remy - Christmas Day - 2004
(looks thrilled right?)
Remy and I loved going caroling every year in Jackson Square. I am thrilled that we went in 2004 but that would turn out the be the last one we got to attend. It was cancelled in 2005 and in 2006 I was traveling and missed it. We did not go last year because he was in really bad shape after surgery. Caroling in the square is a wonderful memory. You can't actually go inside the park (with your babies... no dogs allowed. What is up with that?) but you can hang out in Jackson Square with all of the other owners and babies. It is a 62 year old tradition in New Orleans and you bet I will be there with my song sheet and candle... singing at the top of my lungs! But first, I will walk around and kiss as many babies as I can!
Hope to see you there...
Sunday - 12.21.08
Jackson Square
6pm - 7pm

Somebody woke somebody up...

And he went right back to sleep... He is enjoying his holiday away from mommy!

Catch me Sawyer!

Just try!

Ooops... she did it again!

She is thinking:
A.) I got in without the gate falling... how do I get out?
B.) I wonder if I am in trouble...
C.) I wonder if my gram is making my breakfast right now...
D.) I wonder if my mom will think this is cute...
E.) I wish she would take the gate down so it is easier for me to eat cat food...
F.) All of the above.
Gigi - you goof!

Monday, December 15, 2008

They all sat still?!

How did that happen? We have the pleasure of spending many a day each week with this beautiful family. Everyone here has asked the same question... "How did they manage to get everyone to sit still?!" Let me tell you... this K-9 family has it made! We should all be so lucky!

Perfect Holiday Gift

Give a New Orleans Pet Care Gift Certificate
email for details...

Jeaux Noel - Getting close!

Oh my goodness... 10 more shopping days!
I should get started...
How cute is this baby cuddled with the packages...