Saturday, November 23, 2013


Dear Dr. Daddy:

We decided to really help understand what you deal with in the ER (with babies) everyday so we decided to read some books.  These books (not at all interesting) did provide some entertainment until Bradley got here. We love you - to the moon.  You are a GREAT Doctor and a very good Daddy!

It just takes a minute...

I have the best Dr. Mom & Dad... Really...

Questions about Trifexis®? Talk to your veterinarian.

In case you missed this last week...

Questions about Trifexis®? Talk to your veterinarian.:

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Public Service Announcement -

I am working but need some noise in the background.  Just FYI - Starsky & Hutch is on.  You're welcome.  @1039.

Our pretty girl...

What are you doing here on a Saturday?


I bet she is a girl and I would try to be super nice but I might kick her!
Blogger war is on! 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Her gets to come home today!

We did not eat anything important today!

That is a super job on our part.
Might we suggest three cookies each?

Woman Claims United Airlines Almost Killed Her Dog, Details Harrowing Abuse


Woman Claims United Airlines Almost Killed Her Dog, Details Harrowing Abuse:

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It is hot and Bradley is FAST!

Nothing like thinking your client/neighbor's house is on fire...

I have not run that fast in ages.  Thankfully it was not his but this poor family...

I ate my diary...

It felt good.  I may or may not be sorry.

Dirty Bird can't fly with a broken wing honey!

I (me - Nicole) slept during the game...  

I scared people... I scared myself too.

High praise for Harvey probation officer and supervisor that returned $223,600

From the moment I met her...  I thought she was amazing!  Jessica - you my friend - rock!  

High praise for Harvey probation officer and supervisor that returned $223,600 |

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I am totally sweet...

The Psychology of DOGS

This is a bit hard to see so here is the link...

I look at these differently now...

Okay - I will stop.  (Unless I don't want to do something around here and I am totally blame it on brain drain)

I have the heater on.


I love what CCV did outside...

Bailey's Choice Recall - In case you missed it!

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Mommy has to come back?

That is going to make getting to work hard...

Hi Mommy!

I got dirty - It was fun!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Saints vs Falcons - So - it is Thursday!

Can't fly with a broken wing!

The hard part is over...

Firstly, Dr. Smith (my Neurologist), my client and her Husband (both Neurologists in the same practice) - I thank you.  So much.

To my amazing, supportive and patient clients - I keep saying this but I am overwhelmed... thank you.

To Team New Orleans Pet Care - I could have never done this without the peace of mind of knowing that you all had my back.  It is such a huge relief and something I can never explain but will always be grateful for.

Daddy, Mom and Derek - No words.  They are never needed when you can look at each other and just tell.

To Henri and Isabelle for not caring that I was three minutes from thinking I was about to die and y'all were more concerned about a dingo bone.

Lastly, to my best friend, my confidant, my one and only - I love you.  Never underestimate that. I can't thank you enough but I will do my best to try.

Three more months until we have to think about it again...  

Onward and upward... we have mountains to climb and together - we will all do so and we all see each other at the top and hopefully we will have a few more that join us on that journey to the top.

About to see what is in here!

Our newest babies!

Welcome little ones! 


Sorry y'all!

I have the phone but not the computer... Dr.Smith has a 7 year old little boy having brain surgery today... It is not going well so I am just waiting now. The phones are sent to Beadley or you can text me. I left the computer at home so I am somewhat limited. 

That poor darling baby boy... Bless his family (my client - his other Doctor) and Dr. Smith. Peaceful and steady hands... 

MY gosh those ears...

They just really want to go two directions...

Yea - You want to zip it... You are keeping me up!

My best friend

The person whom one leans on for support, to calm your fears, to make you feel safe, etc... You know the person whom rely upon to keep you calm...  - thinks they are funny today. My earlier post was serious.  I swear if Dr. S walks in with one. I am jumping from the 7th floor. Swear. 

I am big boned...

Someone prank call Bradley!

MKe it a good one!!

The more I see this fish... the more I love it.

He has such a good Mommy and his Grandfather - forget about it.  I can't even begin...

So happy today!

Obsessive compulsive... Not me but I'm sure you know someone!

Should I bring a six pack in case they don't give me pain medicine? 

Sending much love from NOLA!

How cute am I? Just say it?

Guess what today is?

30ish staples coming out! 

If it hurts I promise that my 46 year old self will cry like a 3 year old!  

Do I get a sucker? Sticker? Gumball? I am totally going to blog from the hospital today...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


One would think...

She is talking her last breath... until you walk in to walk!


How cute is Jeff?  He is a Betta...Jeff's Mommy is such a smart, beautiful, athletic girl... I want a Jeff.  You know what is funny?  The counter is the same is my counter but J would never know that...

J is sick today - Her Daddy had to go get her.  J - get better... Daddy loves you. Thinking - (know actually - Daddy loves you too.) Rest sweet baby girl!

Lolly's L.E.A.S.H (Leading Every Animal Safely Home) - LA/SPCA Transport Program


My client, G.G. introduced me to Lolly years ago.  Lolly was a wonderful Service Dog to her Mommy Jo Gwin Shelby who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in 2004 and received Lolly through Canine Partners for Life in 2007.  G.G took Lolly to City Bark to run and play often while Mommy rested.  She is a remarkable dog and without her Service Dog jacket she would run laps around that park!  

Lolly's L.E.A.S.H. is the LA/SPCA transport program.  This is the incredible story about how it came to be... 

Again, Ms. Jo Gwin was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease in 2004 and received Lolly in 2007.  By then, she could not longer drive, but Lolly became her permanent sidekick, helping her walk and leave as normal a life as possible.  An unbreakable bond that would last the remainder of Ms Jo Gwin's life was quickly formed, providing her with both companionship and enhanced independence for over four years.  In August, 2011, Jo Gwin lost her battle with Lou Gehrig's disease, after having lived well beyond the normal longevity of those affected with this fatal disease.  

The bond that developed between Jo Gwin and Lolly was truly amazing to witness.  Lolly's complete attention was focused on Jo Gwin; if she sneezed Lolly would bolt to attention to study her to ensure she was alright.  On command Lolly could identify and retrieve articles, or go to another room to alert other people if Jo Gwin required help.  Just as importantly, Lolly became an invaluable friend and companion bringing Jo Gwin immense happiness through the devastating physical impact of her disease.  

Hr daughter Shelby Saer says, " I truly believe Mom would never have lived as long without Lolly."  This sweet honey colored Labrador Retriever with eyes that speak to you and a face you just want to kiss.  Lolly is a happily retired Service Dog who brings such joy to Shelby and her family.  

Lolly's L.E.A.S.H helps LA/SPCA save many pets via transport from NOLA to new homes far and wide.  

I never in my life would have expected the cards, gifts, calls, texts, etc... after my Brain Surgery and made a donation on behalf of all of our clients and team to give thanks...  Ms. Jo Gwin would be well pleased that her darling Lolly and her fight continues to save babies.  Thanks G.G. for introducing me to Lolly.  You were a huge blessing to both of them and to us.  

Paws crossed... The road is not like the dome!

Cold weather grips NOLA... layer, wear your gloves, wear those thermal underwear -

That is what I am going to do and I am not leaving the house!