Thursday, March 17, 2016

Isabelle Jane...

God forbid she moves out of the housekeepers way.

Mid day walk even!

Smile masking her tears!

Catching cookies

4th & Magazine is already a HOT MESS

Emilie saved another life...

She fostered this little face and is transporting to the  bound for a new home in New Hampshire!

The Irish Laborers and the New Basin Canal

We owe a lot to those who died

Great quick read!

Have a great St Patrick's day!

One of my favorite photos of Sexy Max...

Bradley is considering taking the yellow car today...

Much quicker for Uptown construction!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spirit Wolf (Erin's baby) thinks that if he stares at me... he gets cookies

And - he does.

Sugar Face is dreaming...



The teeth are so cute...

Seriously. I die.

Someone had a cocktail party!

My neighborhood walks...

Every day I get to walk around the Garden District and I never take it for granted...

I love this home.

How sweet is this face?