Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The baby is growing so quickly

We should do a NOLAPC charter! 

I just read the Delta Queen is going to be back in service. WE SHOULD DO A NOLAPC CHARTER! Working on her sister for a year was one of the best experiences of my life. I traveled the Mississippi River from NOLA to Minneapolis/St. Paul and over to Pittsburgh on the Ohio. I would do it all over again! #riverrat #purserlife by day #cocktailserver by night!

His version of walk

He is getting sugar on is face...

Love this little man

It’s cold

These two serious faces make me laugh...

Hug your little ones daily... 

Dog Food Recalled Over Dangerous Levels Of Vitamin D | NBC Nightly News

Just in case you have missed it... the FDA Recall & Withdrawals list of due to elevated levels of Vitamin D.

The list thus far...

Produce -  Evolve, Sportsman's Pride and Triumph