Friday, March 23, 2012

Lake Hamilton!


My Great Niece and I are going this evening.  We are sitting in Box 215, Section 8.  If you go early or during intermission, come visit us!

Talking to Pamela...

Our babies are growing so fast...

They need a little rain...

but I think they have had enough!  


I see dead people.

Man I love this cat!

Our little house guest...

This PM is his last Overnight for a bit...  I am going to miss him however, Henri and Isabelle - not so much!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heads up Team!

Filming Notification: Production A (2507 Prytania) March 26-30

Dear Neighbors,
We are preparing to film a major motion picture in and around the New Orleans area over the next few months. 
We are exceedingly grateful to have the opportunity to showcase the many beautifully inimitable locations that New Orleans has to offer and to share her magical grace and charm.
With the cooperation of The City Of New Orleans Office of Film and Television and The Garden District Association; we have been approved for changes to our previous shooting schedule due to weather and other considerations.
On Monday, March 26th we will begin filming at 2507 Prytania Street between 1st and 2nd Streets and will conclude photography on Friday, March 30th. The majority of our work will be day-interior but there are a few night time exterior scenes, in which case, with the assistance of the N.O.P.D., we will implement a street closure/traffic diversion plan on Prytania Street between 1st and 3rd Streets and on 2nd Street between St. Charles and Coliseum Streets on Thursday, March 29th with the possibility of an additional night of exterior filming on Friday the 30th. We will have intermittent traffic control, otherwise, as needed for sound. If you reside within the perimeter of our road closure, please contact Matt McLellan for a resident card for your automobile so that we may assist you through our barricades to your driveway, if you have not yet received one. Please be aware that, due to security concerns, these resident cards are non-transferable and are only intended to allow you access to your driveway and are not for our permitted on street NO PARKING zones.
In order to alleviate congestion and to minimize our eventual footprint in the neighborhood, we have paid to permit NO PARKING signs for what may initially seem an excessive amount of street parking. Rest assured that once our vital equipment is in place and the exterior shots are completed we will release much of the on street parking back to the neighborhood.
 Please take note of the following NO PARKING ZONES:
March 22nd through April 4th
2500 block of Prytania (Lakeside)
1500 block of 2nd (Both sides)
March 22nd through March 31st2400 and 2500 blocks of Prytania (Both sides)
1400 and 1500 blocks of 2nd (Both sides).
March 25th through March 31st 
2400, 2500, 2600 blocks of Prytania (Both sides)
2700 block of Prytania (Downtown, Lakeside)
1400, 1500 blocks of 1st and 2nd (Both sides)
1500 block of 3rd (Both sides)
1400 block of 3rd (Both sides of lakeside ½ block)
1500 block of 4th (Uptown side of river ½ block)
2500 block St. Charles (Riverside ½ block)
We apologize for any inconvenience our presence may cause. As it is our intention and our pleasure to foster good relations with the community, please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns you may have.
Thank you again for your cooperation,
Wise Wolfe. Location Manager. (504) 881-9473
Matthew McLellan. Assistant Location Manager. (504) 669-6533
Wes Rossi. Location Coordinator. (347) 907-1309
Katie Williams. Film New Orleans. (504) 658-0923

All over the city...

Rockin a mohawk!

You want me to do what?

Rockin new dos!

Poor Pamela!


Barb's little girl is tucked in for nap weather!

What you lookin at?


(disclaimer - we had to leave when the thunder started again.  I am not that crazy!)  She had a "ball" too.

Sweet baby boy needs a home!

I received this email today from someone helping to find a home for this little bug bug.  So cute...  


This sweet little guy was found wandering around Cottonport.
He appears to be ~ 3-4 months old and will probably be a medium sized dog when fully grown. He loves to snuggle and gets along great with other dogs and cats.
He comes when called and is almost completely house-trained.
Looking for a nice home where he will be a mostly inside dog.

Please pass along if you know of anyone who may be interested in adopting him.

If interested in meeting or adopting him, contact:
Bill and Marie Scallan
(318) 876-2775

Who needs Ireland?

We got Pamela and a fresh jar of treats today!
Don't forget our kitty presents.

This is going to be great fun!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


She thinks this is fun!
What a day!  
all done... good PM!


Our little house guest just figured out how to get on the chair!

Sorry for the lack of photos...

It is really hard to do in the rain!

Man down!

This weather is bananas.

He loves this thing...

My Assistant this week...

I have no idea how she put that animal in there...  
She is way more technologically advanced at 6 than I at 44!

Serious face...

Cookie face is a lot different!

Dog walker...

Worst nightmare! Rockin the rain gear!

These two little ones need a home...

St. Martin Parish A.C. is so full they are keeping these 2 little ones in their office.  They are desperate to move them into rescue.  Help if you can.  Their phone #is 337/394-1220.  

Good Morning New Orleans!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dear Xaiver:

Thanks so much for your feedback regarding the locks for the car.  I am really going to try to get more videos on the blog for you.  M&S always look like they need treats!  We love them so much... just like we love your Aunt D.

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope the next time you come to visit, I can actually meet you.

Have a great tomorrow and again, thanks for following us!


Barb just sent me a text...

"Baby B just pee'd on the traveling gnome.  I guess he prefers Expedia".


What a day... guess we should enjoy it!  

Sweet baby needs a home...

Voodoo in New Orleans needs loving home
About me: I'm a shy, quiet, loving 4 year old lady. I love high places, playing with paper,
the smell of peppermint, & being sung to. I really like windows, and looking outside at the world,
although I never want to go outside...too scary!

I would really like to be an only child but can get along with almost anyone. My secret love is my
chihuahua sister, but she snaps at my face & hurts my feelings. Even so, I can live with other small dogs if they won't hurt me.

Thanks so much for your help!

- Jeanne 

Our Mom...

BEST party host EVER!

Here little bird!

I just want to talk! 

This looks fantastic!

Dog walkers dream weather!



Does this make our butts look big?

We are going to miss these two little ones...

Hurry home!  Monday - Friday will just not be the same...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Great reminders...

Don't Give Your Pet a Deadly Dose; Medicines Top the List of Household Poisons for Pets - MarketWatch:

'via Blog this'

Wow! What a story...

Cat reunited with Norfolk owners six years after going missing 150 miles from home - News - Eastern Daily Press:

'via Blog this'

Our other new little one...

Amazing how much they grow in a few days...  

Sunday the 25th


A Walk-a-thon and Festival Celebrating our Furry Friends!

March 25, 2012  11AM - 4PM

Featuring Amanda Shaw & the Cute Guys, Celebrity Emcees, Food, Drinks, Dog Contests & More!
NEW LOCATION!  New Orleans City Park's Big Lake Lawn

Sign up now or download forms to start fundraising - you could win two JetBlue tickets!

As you may already know, it takes me a VERY long time to bring a Team Member into our family.  I finally found a wonderful fit.   Please help us welcome Erin....  (Please forgive the format... I just could not fix it?!)

Hello New Orleans Pet Care Clients! My name is Erin
and I'm excited to join this wonderful team. First let me
tell you a little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Northern
New Jersey. While I love NJ and my family, I left my spray tan and
thick Jersey accent behind to move to New Orleans to study at Tulane.
After the initial culture shock, I fell hard for New Orleans. I've
gone back to NJ several times, but I always come back to New Orleans.
I studied Anthropology at Tulane, and I'm going to continue my studies
there in the fall.

I share my home with Murphy, a 10 year old mixed breed dog, and Shango
and Zoe, 12 and 10 year old black cats. Murphy and Shango are my
special needs animals, they always like to keep me on my toes with
some major medical crisis. Murphy is my bionic dog, having had a hip
replacement almost 7 years ago. For a 10 year old dog who's body is an
orthopedic nightmare, he is doing wonderfully.  Due to Murphy and
Shango's needs, I have a special interest in the medical needs of dogs
and cats, complementary and alternative health, and nutrition. I
trained Murphy in competition obedience and some agility, but due to
his orthopedic issues we never competed. After Murphy was fully
trained, I opened up my home to foster dogs for a local rescue group
for more than a few years. Many of these dogs' medical and social
needs were neglected, and it was a great joy to help these dogs on
their journey to becoming someone's healthy and well adjusted
companion. I look forward to fostering again sometime in the future.
Right now I'm excited to work with New Orleans Pet Care and all of
their wonderful clients and babies. Rest assured that I will give your
pets the same obsessive love and attention that I give my own, I look
forward to working with y'all.

Heads up y'all!

LOCATION: 2100 St. Charles Ave                     FILMING DATE:  Tuesday, March 20th
                                                                            4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Dear Residents and Business Owners,
 We will be returning to the neighborhood to film at 2100 St. Charles Ave on Tuesday, March 20th 
Please excuse us as we move our working trucks and crew into your neighborhood Tuesday. We will exercise every effort to be quiet as we go about our work. Please don’t hesitate to ask anyone with a radio to contact Locations if you have any questions or concerns while we are on site filming.  You can also contact the Locations Department via e-mail or phone using the contact info listed below.
We are working with Katie Williams in the Mayor’s Office of Film and Video, who can be reached at 504-658-0923 to verify our credentials. We will also be working with Law Enforcement Officers and Traffic Engineering to effect traffic control and monitor safety for you and our crew. We will be using intermittent traffic control to hold vehicular traffic for short intervals between 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the following corners: Jackson Ave (lake bound) at the corner of Prytania St and St. Charles Ave (downtown bound) at the corner of Jackson Ave. All law enforcement officers will be instructed to assist local traffic in getting to and from their intended destinations in a safe and efficient manner.
Parking will be reserved with “No Parking” signs in the area for our working trucks.  All signs will be promptly removed upon completion of filming:  
2100 St. Charles Ave (river side)
1500 Josephine St (uptown side)
2100 Prytania St (lake side)
1500 Jackson Ave (all of downtown side, ¼ block of uptown side @ St. Charles Ave)
2200 St. Charles Ave (both sides, ¼ block @ Jackson Ave)
1500 Philip St (downtown side, ¼ block @ St. Charles Ave)
500 – 600 Jackson Ave (downtown side)
2100 St. Thomas St (both sides)
Should you have any deliveries, events, appointments, medical concerns or questions that we should be aware of, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We thank you again for your support of filmmaking in and around New Orleans.
With regard,
Mickey Lambert – Episode Manager - 504-418-0888 cell 
Virginia McCollam – Location Manager -

Great PM Mommy...

Our vacation is amazing!

Our other new baby...

Not our little house guest but the other new baby that we have.  How cute is that!?!

See ya MOM!

Our house guest and our house guest

My Great Niece read a bed time story to our little house guest!

Sweet baby needs a home...

From: Susan Aronson []
Sent: Saturday, March 17, 2012 10:28 PM
Subject: (Baton Rouge) 10 wk Yellow Lab crying..

Hi All,

Just a few hours ago, this poor baby was found in a small, feces and urine
ridden cage, living outside, all alone, and crying non stop for help. Thank
God he was rescued in time since he wouldn't have lasted much longer.

His rescuer brought him home, cleaned him up, and now, you can actually see
how adorable he is. The irritation and burns on his little belly are from
lying in his own urine.

Tonight he his safe, clean, warm, and loved. Now, we need to find this baby
a forever loving home.

Please forward, and contact Lori at Northside Humane for this now, lucky
little one. Thanks-