Thursday, April 30, 2015


He new favorite thing...

All smiles


$9.5 million West Bank animal shelter construction begins May 15



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

WE HAVE POWER AND INTERNET!  I feel amazing and totally behind again!

Princess Grace... AKA - Lady Bug

I am going to school tomorrow!

I will get it Ms. Barb!

Kiss me...


It turned out to be a beautiful day...

All over the city today...

Bless them and keep the safe!

Happy Birthday my love...

I wish I could have spent more time with you...

 my raison d'être
First no power... 
Now no cox... Oy vey! 

Bless my nighbor... Pot Hole Repairs on 8th Street

Monday, April 27, 2015

If the power does not come back on...

We are heading to our satellite office at the Ritz.

Oy vey

Round 2... No power! Oy vey! 

Round 2 and no power @ 3101!

It is gross outside Ms. Erin...

We are hanging in our room today...

Dry me off please

What are you doing here for so long?

Please make sure they know that puddle was not from me!

Well… that was fun.  

Let me make this simple...

Trees down.. all over
Power out... all over
Standing water... all over
Still raining... all over

8th & Prytania heading Uptown

Taking it slow.  Wind is still an issue and navigating streets hit/miss.  Random power outages in City Park, BSJ, and Riverbend areas.  Wind is still gusting pretty hard out here.  
Bradley, Pamela, Erin, Barb and Emilie are rolling again… slowly.  Minor flooding uptown, down limbs, spotty power outages.  I am going to put Henri and Isabelle on the corner of 8th and Prytania in the event Noah floats by in that big boat.  

20ish minutes ago!

Shelter in place kids...

Isabelle will not come down stairs...
Murphy finally decides he wants to hang in the tub...
Barb's kids will not get out of the bed...
T could really care less and thinks Bradley should scram!
I love the kid who is yelling because Pamela woke them up...
L could care less too... Just looking for another cookie!


My team is about to shelter in place and by that I could mean your place.  For those of you that can’t see outside… it is dark.  All of our cat clients have been taken care of.  Most that are heading to play school have arrived (MMP is about to be in route). 

FW – went early and got them walked and shirts on.  

Sweet D...

These days are so hard.  We are so thankful for Ms. Connie and your human sister in Hawaii for making sure that you had a home after your Mommy passed away.  Your Mommy did not want to leave but we take comfort in knowing that the two of you are together again...  Over the rainbow.  We love you Desi and we will miss you so much.