Saturday, July 13, 2013

"The risk of love is loss, and the price of loss is grief.  But the pain of grief is only a shadow when compared with the pain of never risking love." 
Hilary Stanton Zunin

Baby Pita... Pamela's little girl

It has not been long ago that Pamela and Mike lost one of their babies.  Today, they are loosing another. This darling baby is just three months short of celebrating her 19th birthday.  Mike got her for Pamela when they were addressing wedding invitations. 

You are so loved and Mom and Dad have been so conflicted about you... on one hand, they want to keep you forever and ever and on the other, they do not want you to suffer for them.  They want you to be as graceful today as you have always been.  If you find Remy, I think Misfit will be with him and he will protect you.  Watch over Mom & Dad and your bothers and sisters... they are all going to be out of sorts and profoundly sad.   Mom and Dad are going to need you to stay present and send them signs that you are still watching over them.  You are loved... 

Once again - Pamela is dealing with this loss and once again, will not let us take care of your babies this weekend - as I always say, yours are hers.   Please keep them in your thoughts.   

Baby Pita

H had a great party last night...

J&M are letting H go today so, they let her have a big party last night complete with all the food she wanted and tons of friends coming in and out to give her kisses.  Seeing her was very difficult and I cried all the way home but I am so glad that she got to see all of those that love her.  Just before I left, Bradley walked in and she jumped off the sofa and ran to him.  That made me so happy.  Before I left I told her to be our angel and that Remy would see her today...  and to watch down on J&M, Barb and her little sister.  

J&M were some of our very first post K clients and moved here to be part of the solution and have immersed themselves into the community.  I admire these two more than I could ever explain... they save lives daily and are leaders and teachers in the hospitals they work for.  

My wish is for a peaceful morning for them and that H just closes her beautiful eyes and sails on...  

We love you sweet little girl.  No more pain.  

Friday, July 12, 2013

I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs: The Book

Thanks FW.  I am getting this!

I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs: The Book | Medium Large:

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Physical Therapy, loosing something... etc.

I bet my PT has one of these with my name on it.  Add to that the feeling like you are about to loose something precious...  Ever feel like that?  

Really - this is part of walkin!

I am a baby... Dane... Can you imagine?!

2 Romantic Stray Dogs Prove Puppy Love is Real

Awwww....  Ain't love grand!

2 Romantic Stray Dogs Prove Puppy Love is Real

I am sort of like this too - justsayin.

Over-the-Counter Medications That Are Safe for Dogs And How Much to Give!

I am not a huge fan of  trying to fix it yourself but a few of these are news to me and good to know.

Over-the-Counter Medications That Are Safe for Dogs (And How Much to Give!) | The Dogington Post

Security -

gotta do what you gotta do.

Doing what they do best...

Squirrel hunting!

Anyone want to take Henri home?

Waiting for lunch but just had breakfast. 

Our sweet H girl...

Hoping for a sweet, peaceful day for her.

Duck down

Walmart Employee Fired After Reporting Dog Left in Hot Truck | Life With Dogs

Keeping it classy Walmart.

Walmart Employee Fired After Reporting Dog Left in Hot Truck | Life With Dogs:

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DIY Preaching -

Good morning NOLA - we are new here!

oh noooo....

Morning walkins!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

French Dog Contest

I want to do this - 

French Dog Contest:

 French dogs and dogs dressed in the French style participate in a mini pageant.

» Mr. Benson, Please Retire #37 Who Dat Warriors

» Mr. Benson, Please Retire #37 Who Dat Warriors: "Mr. Benson, Please Retire #37"

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holy thunder! 

Pick me up Bradley...

George Dureau & Nash

So sad...
Bidding Time | NOLA DEFENDER:

This too...

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How sweet is that face?!


Nola Problems:

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Pamela - you need this?

Not spoiled at all...

So beautiful...

And such a good boy!

Sending love to Mommy...

Email from a client.

"I bought the mustache one for H.  She ate it"

Nothing says we are pregnant like...

Dad told me I could tell.  I can not stop laughing.

A long time client just called to change his schedule.  They are expecting a baby and he said "Bradley knew we were expecting before anyone because - the dog brought the pregnancy test to him".  Bradley thought it was a toy and when he realized what it was he picked it up and put it with the note and never said a word to  me.  

The puppy was either really excited or trying to tell Bradley to get her out of the house before the baby comes.  

She is back!

We have not seen her in soooo long!  

If you need lips for your dog...

You can get them here.

You're welcome.

My Mommy loves me so much...

I get to walk NOLAPC 3x a day!

Unrelated fence art...

Garden District too... 

Need mojo... or a slurpee

  1. Fired the painters. 
  2. Only usable room on the first floor is my office/kitchen. 
  3. At least two weeks (fantastic timing - not) until I can get new painters started.
  4. I still hate Physical Therapy but I think they hate me more.  
  5. I think the furniture I ordered for my sitting room is to large to fit in the door.  
  6. The furniture I ordered will be arriving in the same window of time that I have Physical Therapy.
  7. Henri was licking the oven door this morning and would not stop.  How insane does "stop licking the oven" sound?
  8. Isabelle went back to bed. 
  9. Captain Murphy leaves me today... I love this dog. (Erin is back home after sleeping with dogs for weeks and weeks)
  10. I really do have a fantastic life, Company, Clients and Team.   Thank y'all! 
  11. Crazy crazy busy  and we love it!  

    Happy 7.11!

Morning Daddy!

I like this artist!

Street light box thing - art.
In the Garden District

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Seriously -

It is way to humid! 

If -

I stay here... we can just cuddles vs walk!

HEY - Let me outtttttttta here!


Blogger - 1
New Orleans Pet Care - 0

love/hate relationship indeed... Why must you play with us?  We just want to post photos for goodness sake!

The best part of Blogger not working is getting an email from a client who said "we were about as entertaining as today".  LOL  

This lady!

Is about to have a brother or sister!  
Baby watch...  
We love it.

We love you Mommy!


If you talk to a higher power... please ask whomever you talk to - to hold H.  Our sweet little sick baby... cross fingers and paws for our little girl.  

HI Mommy!

We had our breakfast Daddy!

Off  to school... 

And this...

Goes on for hours...

Can we have Goldfish for breakfast too?


I had a dream last night that my friend Bobby became President and I became Vice President of the United States of America.  After being awake for a few hours I realize it was a nightmare.  I was in my "Oval Office" talking about Transports to Crescent City Vet.  The most horrible part was that I was not President... Bobby would be an awful Vice President.  

I know I posted this before but...

I really need this.  Perhaps if I ever get a farm.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Humane societies raise reward after shooting, abandoning of 2 pit bulls


I love it...

Yo - Megan

Ohhhh - this is why it took so long!

Remember the kitty cat Pamela found...

Well - this kid died and went to Pamela and Mike heaven! 

The Puparazzi

One of our clients (HR) suggested this is what happens when my Team arrives at your home!

Great Dane Owners of NOLA

I know I posted this before and they are just getting started but  I expect great things from these amazing clients.  NOLA Danes on Facebook and the site web site.

You would be happy too if you were me!

I laugh because I am a dork.

Treat time!

I own it honey!