Thursday, July 31, 2008

We love you baby Tate...

You will live in our hearts forever. Find Remy... cuddles and sit in the sun. Eat tons of cookies and look down on your family. They are going to need that from you right now. Thank you for years of loving us back...

Sweet right?!

This lifestyle works for us... 24/7! Sleeping in the bed under the covers, playing ball with everyone that walks in... We are in charge around here!

I wish I could sleep like this...

I will get up when I am ready... NOT NOW Sawyer!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My mommy lets me do it!

I met the most amazing mom and dad to a wonderful group of kitty cats! Not only are they amazing parents but they spend personal money and time capturing feral cats and getting them spay/neutered. They feed them in places that most people will not even take the time to travel to, nurse them to health and make sure they are placed in safe loving places. They are wonderful parents and I think... wonderfully unselfish people. I am proud they are part of our family now.
P.S. - No cat was harmed in the taking of this photo... you can't see what is "in there"!