Thursday, August 31, 2017

Game day! 

I mean…

Heads up my friend

I swear I would burn the entire neighborhood now…



When you say you're going to take a nap and wake up 10 hours later…

Heads up my friends…

100% attention

I love it…


Morning cuddles

The only Irma I'm in the mood for

Monday, August 28, 2017


Not because we are disregarding direction. Not at all. Because we support so many people who have not other option but to work tomorrow.
Yes we are still working tomorrow! Business as usual.

And by the way...

This would be Henri.

Cara's House - Ascension Parish

Cara's is located on Airline Highway in Gonzales and in a low lying area on Bayou Francios/New River. They tend to and can flood with just heavy rain. They are hoping to move 35 pets and are looking for support. These events have trickle down effects... If they can move these babies, they can take babies when the storm clears and SW Louisiana supports Texas and so on... 

These people understand what Hell and High Water is... They understand because, just like NOLA, they have been there and done that. 

The Story

We have 35 cats/kittens/dogs/puppies leaving on transport in the next two days heading up north to find their forever homes! We are very excited about the opportunity for these dogs/cats to go on transport but it is a tremendous cost for Cara's House. We will be driving one of the transports ourselves so we will also have the additional costs of fuel, hotel, etc. This fundraiser will help cover the cost of health certificates, rabies certificate, etc. as well.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated in helping us cover the cost. Thank you for your continued support; we simply could not do these transports without your help!!!!

We are still on the streets and it is getting a little questionable in the usual spots. Be careful y'all! 

We are labs but come on lady

Ascension Parish

This weather… We need A nap!

So sad for Houston... What they may not realize yet is the worse part of this has yet to come but they will survive it.


Sunday, August 27, 2017


Watching rescue organizations moving pets from Southwest Louisiana into Ascension Parish and beyond is so moving. As we know, it will take a lot of money and great effort to recover from this horrible storm in Texas/SW Louisiana. I can hardly let my mind wonder.

So sweet…