Thursday, August 25, 2011

How TO Read Your Dog's Poop and Pee | Find A Vet

Gross but interesting...

How TO Read Your Dog's Poop and Pee | Find A Vet:

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Our bug bugs are moving to Baton Rouge... sadness

We just want to tell you thank you for taking such good care of us this summer.  We are moving back to BR and will miss all the luv, hugs and kisses from Barb  and Bradley. You helped make our stay here in NOLA so great!! We wish you could  come to BR. You guys are the BEST!!  Love, MooMoo, Ellie Rae and Punkins        and P

Max and Isabelle...

Very rare - Max hates Isabelle!

Come in! We are waiting!

Drop the cookie and no one gets hurt!

Text from Barb...

"I am such a free poop bag hoarder".
Small things make us so happy!

Hurricane Irene

It is so strange to have all of our clients that summer in the North East evacuating to New Orleans. Welcome home... Sorry about Irene!

Sexy Kitty! MeWOW

What a life!

Summer Cut

Don't hate... appreciate!

Good morning world!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just saw this tweet... Hope it is never confirmed!


Arno Donation

One of our wonderful clients sent over some food and supplies that she did not need any longer and I took things over to ARNO today. The cleaning supply shelves look like they could use reloading... If you pick up any extra cleaning supplies in the next two weeks, leave the donation for whomever walks your babies and I will bring the donations over. I am going to do my part too!

What a life!

It is too hot Pamela...

I want to stay in and play fetch!


I do not wish Irene on anyone... Now, we are keeping a watchful on Irene for another reason - Barb's family is in the path of her current route.

Officers Meeting

We can't start a summer day without our 7 day a week morning meeting!

YouTube Video

If I hide my eyes...

Perhaps she will not make me exercise today!


A Davy Crockett hat and a tan pump...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Animal & Veterinary

I visit this page about once a month... A good one to bookmark.

Animal & Veterinary


Henri, Bradley & Isabelle

Dogs Tethered To Pole Die In Marigny Heat - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Such a sad situation that could be avoided...

Dogs Tethered To Pole Die In Marigny Heat - New Orleans News Story - WDSU New Orleans

Look at our new babies!

And even more new babies! These two just moved to NOLA and are getting use to the heat...

(Photo Below) Baby O. was rescued from Iraq!
He is learning to be a nice boy... Brad does still have all of his fingers - today.

Look at our new baby...

We got even another one! We are so blessed...
This darling gets to walk Barb 5x a week!

Look at our new baby...

How cute is this little baby?! Yes - baby...

I can live with this Irene!

You go girrrrllllll


I got this email today for Bailey's Mommy... this always just breaks my heart. Pamela said Bailey was one of the sweetest little boys ever. Bailey - Pamela wanted me to tell you that she will miss you jumping on the counter and supervising her during the visits. She told me that she hopes you get lots of Toppers up there sweet baby. We love you... rest darling boy.

Hi Nicole -- you were right, Bailey let us know when he was ready.  We put him  to sleep on Friday, and he's buried next to our pond in Mississippi.  Please  tell Jessica and Pamela that Bailey thanks them for all the good care -- he had  a long life, and we did everything we could.  We estimated he was 16, but he  could have been older, who knows -- he found me in 1997 and saved me in many  ways.

M.V. International Lover is on a roll today...

Should we tell him that it is "stop and SMELL the flowers"?

Don't make me come over there!

I will cut a Gargoyle...

Zip Lock Bag + rice = WORKING I PHONE!

Leave it to a little cajun girl to figure that out...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zip Lock Bag + I Phone + rice =

I was putting my PJs on (6pm on a Sunday - don't judge me! Pamela & Sawyer are working.) and I accidentally dropped my IPhone in the CLEAN WATER toilet. If you get a message that sounds like I am underwater - you may want to email!

Leave it to a good cajun girl to tell you how to dry it out! Crossing my fingers and my babies paws too.

My favorite tweet today!

new orleans webradio

They FINALLY gave us our space!

Maggie M Mom...

must have been really bored and I think M is mad but this is so darn funny! We miss y'all R&K... come back home.

Keeping a watchful eye...

Her name is Irene... I really do not like the white or blue model.
Keeping a watchful eye.