Saturday, December 21, 2013

We have our baby back!

See you next year!

Mommy has to make this to protect something... long story.

but it is funny!


Henri is chucking all over the house... Isabelle is looking in the mirror to make sure she looks like a tough girl.  This kid -

The kids did it...

I think it is pretty!

We get tons of Pamela love

She should totally extend...

Does this say "rescue" at all?

Welcome to the family!  


We have tons of Caturday!

She just decided to get in the box...

Good Morning Mother Nature!

Henri is sick...

My poor baby.  I am calling him chuck today.

Friday, December 20, 2013

P and his bodyguard...

P has the best Mommy EVER!

I love him...

I love!

You want to cuddle?

My neighbor - Crazy Bob


Having a great day today!

Seriously? When can I have that cookie in your hand?



This is our happy face...

Number of human gifts -

I have purchased thus far this year... 

Worried about all of those heading into and are in the path of Gemini...

With that rock on Mother Nature! We will keep it!

Good morning New Orleans!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Daddy saves people...

Bradley saves me from TTing on the floor!

Where we goin?

Seriously - This baby has a better hair do than I do...

I did not dig this...

Waiting to open ours...

Poor thing...

We just got a call from a lady who needs a sitter starting... tomorrow until the 3rd.  Her "sitter" overbooked and canceled her.  If you are an insured sitter and have space left available, email me!

Walking Bradley!

No really - relax

Stay and cuddles...


NOJO doing it...  Derek doing work @ 2:26!

2 words

Cra cra! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My babies are getting this for Christmas -

If you lost your shoes - Barb found um!

I just chucked...

but give me that cookie!

One of the views from the 3rd floor...

6 Suspicious Pet Food Claims | petMD

Hummm... Good one.

6 Suspicious Pet Food Claims | petMD:

'via Blog this'

You should see my holiday card...

With my Brothers and Sister smiling... I look like this.

Play time with Ms. Pamela!

See my clean teeth?!

Is that present for me?

Please don't leave me!

Off to school!

I am playing with this thing...

So well behaved...

Daddy loves them so much...

Elizabeth Schonberg - Best Certified Dog Trainer in NOLA

You will not be disappointed!

Happy Wiener Wednesday!