Friday, December 28, 2012

Man! I am feeling the love today!

All is well...

I am sick...


Hit the wall!

This just made my day!

Thanks Nicole. Happy New Years, and thank you for having a service that makes us so at ease when we're out of town.

Happy 7th Birthday to Max!


Not a morning person!

Morning duck hunting!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sweet baby...

It's a birthday, It's a birthday, It's a birthday!

Our sweet baby Otis turned 1 today!  He has the most amazing parents and they allowed us to be part of his life when he was just a 10ish week old baby.  Happy Birthday Otis!  Erin has something for ya!

Our baby B!


Is such a sweet girl when she is sleeping... 

All good Mommy!

Can I pwz go outside?!

Man down

Just me!


Where should I sit?

Hi Y'all!

Will she give us the presents you gave us?

I got this...


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Awww... pup pup moved

but I love this face!

Hurry Megan!

G looks thrilled...

I miss Jessica and G too!

Mad skill!

I miss Marissa and Bowie!

OKAY... ready!

Y'all can we get a do over?  I am ready for Christmas now.


Did you say good things in this note?

Let us OUT!

Hi Mommy!


This kind of winter...

is horrible. I can't get warm today!