Saturday, August 2, 2014

They are? The kids too?!

What are y'all doing here on a Saturday?

They went for a swim and are out.

Isabelle - ZZZZZZ

Kickin after school!

Someone is better focused!

Walkin by other BFF!

Morning Mommy!

Seriously - Pulling across Prytania & 8th...

I had to stop traffic.  LORD HELP HIM.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Evolution of a great smile!

Mardi Gras 2015 ~ Public Service announcement

Attention, s'il vous plaƮt!
199 jours avant Mardi Gras… 2015.

Je suis ici pour vous!

Never going to be on Maury - "Who is the baby Daddy"!

Sending love from New Orleans...

Can we go now?

Time out for my peaceful place photo...

I love it!

Elevator manners...

When Ms. Barb starts to cry... I want to hold her.

That was not what I went to school for...


Dear kids:

Take care of Mommy.  Please try to keep the glitter and purse shopping in route under control.  If I need to talk to her - bark at me!

50 States Tour - Benefit for LASPCA - 50 Haircuts!

50 Haircuts

50 States

50 Days

For a $20.00 minimum donation you can participate in this great fundraising event. 


Please phone Caye Mitchell Salon @ 504.237.3923
to make an appointment.

Sponsored by Patrick Lomantini & Barkaid

Thursday, July 31, 2014

In memory of our sweet Jax

We are all so sad today... this part of our job is so hard. Jax was such a loving and strong baby.  He was a beautiful proud old man who had a wonderful life. He always met you with a wagging tail and would give you the eyes for more cookies even when we gave him too many to begin with.  He had such a sweet innocent face even when you caught him sleeping in the bed with his head on the pillow. He was a joy.  Barb, Megan and Bradley adored him so... 

Sweet Jax - find my Remy and he will cuddles with you.  Watch down on your little brother and Mom and Dad... they are going to miss you so.  I know you are already with Buddha and Mia and I bet they are so happy to see you again.

We love you.  We will always love you.  

If you lost your pants...

Barb found um!
Henri & Isabelle ate breakfast and both went back to bed.  Lazy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Where is my Mommy?

My Mommy is traveling so my other Mommy needed help... I WIN!

The Root Progression: Teaching In A Uniquely New Orleans Way At The Heritage School Of Music

Fantastic work!  Great read...

I applaud the musicians that are making a difference in NOLA.

My cute smile...

Seriously - I need the time off... he works like a mad man!

Channeling my inner Andy Cohen

Here's what - three things I am obsessed with - bla, bla...  

1 - Pilots N Paws - Mad props!

What a wonderful organization!  Saving babies...

2 - Lucky Dog to launch first-ever line of retail hot dogs

I wonder if you have to be equally as drunk to purchase these in a store as you would have to be to buy one in the Quarter.  I will say - "Don't be a meanie - buy your girl a weenie" is one of the smartest marketing pitch lines EVER.

Lucky Dog to launch first-ever line of retail hot dogs

3 - Louisiana Swamp Surfing - Really.

Time out for a - What you will not catch me doing.

Our little bug!

These poor darlings... No water. No real shade...

Needs to stop.

I love you too...

Morning power walk!

Are you serious?

Going in a baby...  returning home a MAN!

Can we get back for breakfast?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cooooookkkkieeeee time?

Hello - restin....


I might move into this hood... totally nicer than mine!

I am gonna get ya!


Can we geaux one more time?

We see a ton of happy kids!

I love that smile!

Fingers and Paws crossed for a fish storm!

Amazing rescue! Posted on Facebook...

Supporters of the NOLA Intact Animal Permit Law
Posted by Nita Fairley Hemeter · 9 hours ago

Well, I gotta share this, Miss Debbie is the calliope player on the Steamboat Natchez and a friend of mine, you are not going to believe this story….
Dearest loved ones,
The Steamboat Natchez crew had an exciting day on the river this afternoon. When we got down river to our turn around point, a dog was spotted frantically swimming in the river. The captain stopped the steamboat, the rescue boat was sent out, brought the dog back, safe. We kept him in the boiler room, I stayed with him and called all the numbers on the dog tag. Spoke to someone who was going to meet me at Oakwood Mall, right near my house, so I could return the dog. Scott brought the dog, Sammy, out on the dock while I played the calliope. When I got off the boat and walked towards them, (Sammy had attracted a small crowd of our office people,) he came right to me, jumped up and put his paws on my shoulders and was hugging me….definitely a Kleenex moment. It was after I got to the mall, the story unfolded.
A story with a happy ending.
Sent this message to the Steamboat mailing list this afternoon:
First of all….it was a male whippet named Sammy. Another female was with him, she has not been found. Having been the owner of an Italian Greyhound, a whippet and rescued Greyhound, I know these canines can be escape artists.
The owner is the widow of a police officer killed in the line of duty. She left with her children today for Wisconsin so they could attend a special Cops Camp for Kids. There are other dogs at their house, being cared for by a caretaker. These two escaped. They live near River Road in Algiers. So, for those of you who live in the area…..keep an eye open.
The woman I spoke to is the widow's sister, it was another sister's husband, Bernard Klumpp, to whom I surrendered Sammy. To those of you who were concerned about my returning a dog to someone who lost him to begin with, read the above. The two sisters' names were listed on the dog tag as contacts, the dogs were not with them when they escaped.
We met at Oakwood Mall, I stayed in my car with the dog, let the man come to me and tell me the whole story. When I was satisfied he was genuinely distressed and had nothing to do with the escape, I then got out of the car and let him take Sammy. Trust me…..if he in any way looked like bad news, I would have said I'm taking the dog to the vet, and would not have let him take the dog.
Mr. Klumpp could not say thank you enough to all involved. I explained to him how the rescue took place, he got all choked up, and just kept saying thank you. He was anxious to depart so he could get back to the levee to continue the search.
To Capt. Troy who spotted him, Capt. Don who ordered the rescue, CJ and Tarie who manned the rescue boat, and Scott who doggie-sat in the boiler room (and had to do a little clean-up,) know that your efforts were greatly appreciated!!!!
Keep praying to St. Francis…..patron saint of God's creatures.
Ms. Calliope
Just followed up with this message:
Just got a phone call from Mr. Klumpp……the female dog was rescued this afternoon, in the total opposite direction from the river. Both dogs were taken to the vet, they're OK, will be on antibiotics just in case. The female had some bad gashes on her paws, but is fine. They got a nice bath and are resting comfortably!
Again, Mr. Klumpp was eternally grateful, the owner is aware of all that has happened.
Thank you St. Francis!!!!!