Friday, February 26, 2021

Hang on... we need this at home!

Badly burned New Orleans dog will make history as first to receive groundbreaking skin treatment

 Sadie, a dog badly burned in New Orleans, will soon make history as she will become the first dog to receive RECELL - a skin treatment used in human medicine to treat burn victims...

(Warning - some of the video is hard to watch)

This story is amazing! Sweet Sadie!

Pin my ears back! Ready for treats!

I prefer the comfort of the AC

Love this krewe!

Rocket’s vacation continues

Waking Ms. Erin!

Good 1st week!

Good morning friends and Mommy!

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Monday, February 22, 2021

Oh lorrrttttt this is going to be something...

He is going home! 

Are dogs self-aware? Scientists say there's a good chance

 Isabelle is 100% self aware... Henri.... could go either way!

Great article!

I am taking this home!

I mean

Got my hairs did!


My little Murphy...

 is having surgery today and I am a mess.  Pictured here with his sister and Mommy! 

This beautiful photo featured here... 

February 22nd... IS!

National Walk your Dog Day, and if getting more exercise is among your 2021 goals, you may have a natural personal trainer right by your side.

Sweet baby

Squirrel sighting!

Sweet girl off to play time!

Rocket is on vacation...

PS - She has been a client for 14 years. 🥰