Friday, February 28, 2014

Is that an added feature?

I am so thankful whomever did this did vs using our well hidden garage area.

How cute is this face...?

(They are not related but they could be!)

Everyone is getting love!

How cute is this face?

8 & Prytania

These gentlemen are from North Carolina.  They decided it was time for a beer pong tournament.... on the sidewalk...  just outside of my window.  The crowd has grown to about 20ish.  

I love our city. 

It is so hard when we leave...

Dudes - go home... It is 9am.

New Orleans - We need foster homes...

I know it is a crazy time of the year but if you can foster...  


If you see that orange fire water in the window on parade day or night.  Don't blame me the next day.  

Another successful night of parading!  I have to take a night off.  

Mardi Gras Is More Than Beer And Beads

True! Not in our house necessarily but in most!

Mardi Gras Is More Than Beer And Beads

Okay - I would love to say I get it.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

What the hell are you looking at?

Fair warning - 

If you are going to come for parades this evening... my house is a HOT MESS!  


No kidding.  

Like a hurricane hit - again.  

Lady - I will pay extra if we can go again!

We just look serious... we are not really!

Dedicated Owner Still Takes His Dog On A Walk Despite Old Age

"He cannot be a gentleman which loveth not a dog"
John Northbrooke

Now - we can cuddle!


Praying that the "other one" will just calm down!

10 Reasons You Should Take Your Kids To Mardi Gras

Come on... what ya'all waiting for!

Our beautiful Jessica and Gigi

Our darling little Jessica got married last weekend.  She was one of my very first Team Members and I love her dearly.  I missed the wedding... for a number of reasons but I wanted so badly to be there.  This is Jessica in her beautiful dress with sweet Gi.  

Jessica was referred to me by another Team Member and I remember her interviewing with me but not having the confidence to look into my eyes.  By the end of the interview we were looking into each others eyes and she had me "at hello".  She worked with me for years and I love that people still ask if "the owner - Jessica is available".  I have been so blessed.  

I am thrilled for you... you were a beautiful bride, you are a wonderful woman and were a gift to me.  

PS - Yes - I know you can't see her... This is also about G!

This photo does no justice!

Thanks so much DH for my Nyx purse!   I love it and you...

Move it... We got budniss....

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Weiner Wednesday!

Thanks - KS - Love me some Magazine Street -

Why does anyone have to ask said jogger to respect said community!?! 

I am going to need a real one like this...

Little man - hush - he will totally provide cookies if we sit and are quiet!

Found rabbit in the Garden District...

Did you loose your rabbit in the Garden District on/about 1st Street?  If so, please let me know...  

I am so wet!

I love play time! 

Yoda (ears too) and my MG ears!

Mardi Gras lady problems...

SUV on 8th.  Blocking not one but two spots (yea - that is me...) 

NYX Night !!!

I know it is only me here but - look what someone did!

Mommy - What would we do without Ms. Pamela?

Please make sure we never find out! 

Nyx - this PM!

Wait until y'all see what Nyx is throwing this evening!  Nyx is amazing!  I love you DH... You are amazing and to stop here before the parade - amazing!

It is going down today...

People on 8th & Prytania just before Nix!   

We do have a little sidewalk grass.

I adore this baby...

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

School was hard today... let me just rest - but give me my dinner first!

What the H E double hockey sticks? I was sleeping

Will you live with me forever?

I love this house...

Getting ready for a wedding!

Shame Shame Shame...

My background tells me it would be so easy for them to respond (via an ad) to explain the law, the willingness to abide by it and the process of gathering the information.  My background also tells me that after WEEKS of ignoring and not placing a simple ad but ignoring in the paper they own... is just being complacent or perhaps they do not care...  I just wonder if they care.  

If they need someone to place the ad, I would gladly pay for it. Come on Times Picayune.  59

Mad respect...

I wonder how many people notice...  Or sadly - get it.

So glad to see a Rescue Specific magazine! 

Pickles, the Gigantic Rescue Cat, Finds a Home at Last

I love this kitty cat... needs a little exercise... LOVE!

This is the type of day I am having with blogger...

Trey - what?

Totally forgot - Texas A&M as a Freshman!  So proud to call you family! Loved the photos from signing day.  

No white flags Trey! Never forget - no white flags! In whatever you do... even football!