Saturday, December 17, 2011

Note from Mom...

"Probably should not have had that last Glass of Wine"

Tis the season!

Owner is in Baton Rouge Hospice

This adorable lab pup is "Cooper" and he is in need of a new home because his owner is no longer to care for him because they are in hospice.  

Cooper is approximately one year old.  He is house trained and neutered and up to date on shots. They say he is great with children.  

If you can provide a loving home please email Laura .  

Please share with everyone you know... wouldn't it be great to find Cooper a home by Christmas.  

I love these... they just make me so happy!

email from a client...

"Merry Christmas to you and Mike!  You do such a wonderful job with NOLA Pet Care.  You can tell you put all your heart and soul into it – it shows!  And of course, you pick the best employees. "

We do put our heart and soul into it and I am thrilled when it gets acknowledged.  It makes us all so happy!   

Here we geaux!

And - that is just one day of departures!
Heaux, Heaux, Heaux...  

Not going to the wedding...

This face cracks me up! 

We did not gut the toy...

I think it came like this!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The North Shore...

My husband and I are going to the North Shore for a party this evening.  Who calls a party at 5:00PM on the North Shore on a Friday evening?

Camera on - CHECK
Marisa & Brad home - CHECK
Bread to drop to the party (to follow home) - CHECK
Phoned to let them know we will be late - CHECK
Presents in the car - CHECK
Henri & Isabelle in the car - CHECK - Trying to figure out how to get them out!

I love getting these!

Look at these two!  They looked thrilled with the entire process of making the holiday card.  I love it!

Action shot...

She loves her toy!

Winter in New Orleans - love it!

Traffic Reporter - Nicole

Stay home or stay where you are... traffic is HORRIBLE! Not just on I-10 but all over Uptown.  AWFUL I tell ya!

Photo from Barb...

"To much eggnog?"

We love you Mommy and so does NOLAPC!

GREAT watch dogs!

Burglar Deterrent?

Uninvited family members for holiday season?  
Either way - not good.


Would this make a beautiful card or what?  How sweet are these two...  I could never get my two to stand still that long.

Upate/Contact for the Lab babies!

Blog post yesterday regarding these babies.

Thank you SO much! They can contact me anytime: (504} 638-2341 call/text We still need fosters for 2 and forever homes for 5. I'm forever grateful to you for spreading the word. Cher is safe at home and she's a doll!!!

We started with 8 and lost 2. 6 are alive and 1 is still recovering. We have an album that documents their journey. Ill foreward it to you from pc.

Skinny the Hutt

Thursday, December 15, 2011


My surgery at LSU went well and I am home recovering!   

Looking for a good party? Drink & Support!

Update on the labs...

Don't go Bradley!

All I want for Christmas...

Here chick chick chick

Daddy is NO help today

They are like little big alarm clocks.  2:45pm... every single day.


I moved my computer to rest my eyes for a moment and Princess Isabelle quickly moved to my lap.  I would much prefer Isabelle...

Playing with my present!

What Ms. Marissa?

Will I be getting cookies?  

Hi Mom & Dad!

Made my morning! Email from client...

"We were in the courtyard last week and Bradley came thru the gate to go to (another clients house) and X ran faster than I have EVER seen him run.  When he fell on Bradley's feet crying......Bradley dropped down to pet him and was crying, too.  Precious!"

8 Black Lab Puppies... Need to be saved!

Update - they are no longer at St. John Animal Shelter.  They have been rescued by an "angel". I will post more information as I get it.  I just reached out to her a few minutes ago (3:50pm).  Thanks for all of the interest in these babies.  I will touch back!

There are 8 Black Lab puppies at St. John Animal Shelter in La Place.  Shelter staff say the puppies have lived in the shelter for 2 months.  The puppies are 3 months old and they are all sharing a kennel in the back with no windows.  The dogs are not allowed to go outside of the kennel as part of the shelters policy to protect them from parvo.  These babies have never had the chance to run in the grass or feel the sun on their faces.  They are going to start putting them down soon unless rescues or  forever homes are found.

Please share...

8 Lab Pups on YouTube:

St. John Animal Shelter
488 W. 2nd St.
corner of River Road and Water Plant Road
LaPlace, LA 

Winter rocks today!

Good Thursday Morning New Orleans!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LA Animal Shelter did something really creative...

They opened a Pet Store in a mall!  Really great story...

Sending love...

Our vacation is going great too!

All alone...

My brother is had surgery and I don't like being alone!

I am a big love bug

Barb and me sitting in a tree K -I -S -S- I- N- G

This just made my day... and I needed it!

Hi Nicole,

Made it home safe!

Love the notes from Pamela as usual and the pictures on the blog.  It always makes us feel better to see their cute faces when  we are away.  Please tell Pamela that He and F will love their treats from Santa!  She is too sweet.  I am going to save and put in their stockings for Christmas.

Thanks again for everything.  I always know the boys are in great hands with Pamela.  We love NOLA Pet Care!  Merry Christmas to you, Mike, Pamela and the whole NOLA Pet Care team!

New Orleans Healing Center

Are you familiar with the New Orleans Healing Center?  I visited a few week ago and was so impressed with this unique organization on St. Claude Avenue. They have lots of pet events this weekend and I would love everyone to help spread the word!  Please share and lets help get some more momentum going for this fantastic organization.  

New do!

MV - International Lover! 

Hello Winter!

Vacation is over!


Kiss Me Bradley!

Mornin' New Orleans!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advanced Animal Nutrition Recalls Dog Power Dry Dog Food

I am not sure how I missed this but it does include Louisiana.

Recalls, Market Withdrawals, & Safety Alerts Advanced Animal Nutrition Recalls Dog Power Dry Dog Food

Perfect winter weather!

I love...

the kitty bed on the sofa!

Love it!

One of our wonderful clients has her HUGE tree in the middle of her pool area... So beautiful!

Ahhhh... vacation from the new baby & the dog!

Hey Barb -

Can't we just call this exercise? 

Good one Barb!

This one is...

eclectic collection of things! 
I like it...  

We are doing great y'all!

This is our "more cookie" face.