Saturday, May 31, 2014

These make my day...

Nicole, thank you so much for the invaluable care you continue to provide for our dear Tabitha Cat. Knowing that Tabitha's beloved Pamela visits her each day, and seeing the photos of her on the beautifully presented nolapetcare blog removes a huge stressor from the weeks spent away from home. Loved seeing Waffles Sawyer, our Airedale niece,on the blog, too! Thanks again!
Sheila Lemann

Hates photos...

Buckle up kids... Here we geaux!

New run (0Z) of the GFS model is showing a potentially stronger storm than 

what previous runs have shown. We could have a strong TS Arthur on our 

hands by Thursday. Looks like it could meander in the Gulf for several days. 

Models staying consistent with development 5 days from now. A detailed 

discussion along with all the model details is available in the Hurricane 

Tracker app - Info is updated there very frequently. 

Frequent updates on Twitter also @hurrtrackerapp The 2014 Season 

officially starts on Sunday. Development chances increasing...


This morning we wipe paws and carry on!

No really relax!

Make it stop!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am lost...

Will miss you too...

I already miss you so much...


Can anyone recommend a Spanish Intensive Language Program? The client is willing to pay for one on one instruction as well.  Please PM or email @ neworleanspetcare@gmail.  

I don't think I will ever have a farm with deer but -

if I did I would totally take them to the market.  

Miss Ms. J!

GR8 - now I get to worry about this situation...

Committee says Tony the truck stop tiger can stay

Committee says Tony the truck stop tiger can stay: A bill to exempt Tony the Bengal tiger from exotic pet laws heads to the House.


Chillin - waiting for them to leave!

Hi Mommy!

Open, Open, Open!

Still on vacation!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Just hanging out and trying to make the dog crazy...

Another baby with two legs? OHHHHHHHH


266 days until Mardi Gras!

Our little house guest... while Mommy and Daddy are in Veitnam!

Anh nhớ em nhưng tôi yêu Max ... Có thể cần phải có hàng tuần "thăm" - Tôi nghiêm túc trong tình yêu! Chúng tôi ngủ với nhau - một lần nữa. ;)

Who Dat holiday before MAD work kicks back in...

Where is Mommy?

Loves Ms. Pamela but loves Mommy more...

She refuses to leave the 2nd floor this morning...

Early morning cuddles with Pamela...