Friday, February 17, 2017

Parade Night Y'all!

Rolling 30 minute earlier. If you do not see us outside, come by the kitchen window and start yelling!

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Time out for this...

First this happened... You see it? Seated at the desk? This is a photo taken on my 3rd floor. Look under the top of the work area.

I finally shook that off and started sleeping and now this... 

For a few months, I have had a lizard living in my bedroom. I see him hanging out on the curtain in the morning... Remy loved lizards. (In a I am going to kill you sort of way.) So, everyone has been telling me that it is just Remy visiting. That was fine until two nights ago! I could not sleep so I decided to read on my Iphone. I was minding my own business in my bed when all the sudden a lizard tail brushed my hand. I screamed, threw the comforter, stood up in the bed and woke everyone up in the house! Now I can't sleep AT. ALL. He looked like this but was a darker color.  
Actually - I think it looked more like this - BY MY HAND IN MY BED.

I have been visiting little ones all week with Addie and I am soooo sleepy! Can someone please come stand by my bed and watch over me while I sleep? I can't find him now. I know he was injured and is healing somewhere in my bedroom and is going to take revenge! 

The comforter is gone. Stupid name for it anyway and I am a few days from burning the entire bed. I think I can shove it out of my window. How does one go about trapping a lizard? 


Now back to regularly scheduled business. YAWN. 

They better hurry....

I could not love a old lady more...

This face is everything!

His little Shorty

I love how he looks at himself…

Can we just skip the walk and eat the cookies?

Side eye

You can never get all three to standstill!

This precious face

On the road… Seeing babies! But read this…

Someone's pregame is on point?

I hope they get more toilet paper!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

And they are off…

The joy of living inside the carnival route box!

The view from my dining room…

The screened in porch gives me life

This look is priceless!

Hi mom! I'm helping with the mail today… This is junk! It's from the mortgage company

If you give us one more cookie… We will not tell!

How cute is this?

What a group

Good morning mommy

We still love you little stinker!

And mommy is just disappointed. You can make it up to her!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

No I love you more

Look what we ran into today!

I love weenies

This might be jumping the gun just a bit


I love this little face


Not feeling the pool today


Love this

When you absolutely cannot wait to eat the box of chocolate

#TheMoreYouKnow #AmITheLastToKnow?

OHHH flirting with a co-worker at work is called "Flirking". 

I mean. No need to thank me.

I love reading these