Friday, June 15, 2012

Play time with Tink

Doing great Mommy!


Paws crossed that Ms. Carlotta says West and stays out of our Gulf!

Walkin' Bradley!

Hard work!

You can't see me - ?!

Hi Mommy! We love you...

We love Pamela too!

Erin is still doing good Mommy!

This makes me cry...

I hate when our babies get hurt.
(No - we did not do it)

Sad Dad face - He is coming back...

No more Pamela love! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Heading back to LA!

Hi Mom & Dad!

Beat the rain!

I am so darn cute!

Those ears... no stress in her life!


I can't get enough!



Blogger and I are fighting again!

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Morning NOLA!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Best part of the visit...

Position 1

Position 2

Court Rejects Final Appeal to Spare Lennox | i Love Dogs

This makes me cry...

Court Rejects Final Appeal to Spare Lennox | i Love Dogs:

'via Blog this'

I love these two!

Princess Grace...

Our 7 day a week princess.  
What a life this one has!!  

She has a case of sleepy!

Pamela giving love...

Love you Mommy!

Loves walkin' Bradley!

When I was up at 1:40am...

This made me really  laugh hard.  
Totally unrelated...
Now back to work.  

Hi Mommy!

Having a great time!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

You can't kill um and you can't make them smarter...

I just spoke to a prospective new client (also new to New Orleans).  When we had our hurricane discussion... she said "no, if the city has an evacuation, you can just put food, water and the two dogs in the garage.  They came from the pound.  We did not pay a lot of money for them."

I hope you read this lady.  You are insane.  Thanks again for your interest in our company but no thanks. Gosh I hope her two dogs survive her stupidity.

I love these emails...

We really appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed Bradley’s “daily log” of his petsitting activities at our home.  Makes your service so much more personal and shows that you truly enjoy and have fun caring for our wonderful non-human companions.

We will certainly use your services again and will gladly recommend you to others.

THURSDAY is Pause4Dinner

Thanks DH for correcting me! xox

How cute is our new baby?

OHMYGOSH! I love that face.

So happy!

New dos!

Sad face...

the walk is almost over!

Sending love from NOLA!