Friday, May 9, 2014

Start collecting in 2s

Knee deep on 8th... Water getting into cars on Prytania. (I can do without another "knee deep" joke! I saved cars people!) Y'all be safe!  PS - I just alerted my neighbor - Crazy Bob and he came out in Chalmette boots and a blue robe... I am pretty sure I saw his boxers. I am going inside to poke my eyes out! 
Hank and the vehicle found in the Quarter.  Hank is fine!

Cookie in play...

Everyone act like we are perfectly trained dawgs until we get um!

Ms. Erin will do this to you...


Post brain surgery, for the safety and well- being of others... I do not drive often.  Perhaps other people should not be driving either...  

My driving tip today is this - 

Dear NOLA drivers:

Y'all  - please use yah blinkah.  You will her a clicking noise. Don't panic because you should hear that noise.  

Thanks in advance,

I got my hair did!

Please, please do not leave your pet unattended!

Please share....  this poor darling little baby boy.  


This is Hank, a 4 year old neutered male hound mix, about 30 lbs or the size of a beagle. He's black with a white chest & belly,white stocking legs with black speckles & was wearing a red cork collar & leash with no tags. He has a PetLink microchip,number 981020003834538.

Hank was in my blue 2004 Jeep Liberty when it was stolen last night (5/8/14) at around 1:00 am from the parking garage on Rampart off of Canal St.

A police report has been filed with NOPD. My little dog is far more important to me than the car. My contact information is: Elizabeth Anne Murie (850) 468-1189 or (850) 687- 1363 - PLEASE SHARE AND LETS HELP HANK GET HOME!

One of us can't wait for the cookie you are holding!

No - really... Relax

Think USA Made Pet Foods Are Safe?

Interesting read...

Our pretty little girl...

Pamela's kitty -

I see dead people.

Walkin' Bradley!

Sending love from New Orleans...

Never gets old...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Daddy loves this baby so much...

Everyone has a different idea of which way to go...

Please don't leave me...

Avocado - Did you know?


It worked!

Leaving a sleepy baby...

Today my name is Chuck...

because my belly hurts.

Well played bear!

Presh babies sending love to Mommy...

Pamela's driveway sign...

I love it!  

When I see these beautiful buds - I sneeze.

School day!

I love crawfish season!