Saturday, April 30, 2011

Henri has lost his d*** mind


Remember when Henri had some bruschetta? Well - it looks like that was the beginning of him loosing his d*** mind.

Last night he decided to help himself to some mixed nuts... Now, the way we punish the babies is simple... we punish to a crate. Depending on the level of the crime, we decide the time. 20 minutes is Orleans Parish Prison (OPP), 45 - 60 minutes is Angola and 60 minutes until I calm down is Shawshank.

Mixed nuts = OPP... he hated it!

This morning he helped himself to a sweet roll. Sweet roll = Angola. He had just returned from a 60 minute swim so he went to sleep the minute I put him in.

I just put a bowl of pineapple on the counter, walked to the front to turn off the lights, walked back into the kitchen to find the pineapple gone and Henri jumping off of the counter.

You can send letters to Henri Douget @ Shawshank prisoner #00001.


If one was to ask Isabelle... she would agree with this article!

"When it comes to detecting the unexpected, female dogs might have a leg up." Article

Baby Amelia

Growing up to be a big girl!

Jazz Fest - Yesterday

Great photo from

Barb MADE me walkin'...

not just standing around smellin'!
That will make you need to rest...

Jazz Fest - Yesterday

Great shot of Derek playing at Jazz Fest Yesterday...

I look...

innocent - yea?!
Look at that smile... Love it!

Hi Mom & Dad

Do I look like I want my photo taken?

Friday, April 29, 2011

I have been wondering...

The “Historic Tornado Outbreak” and Animal Rescue Efforts

Brad Fest!

What? Brad on a Friday?

Must be Jazz Fest!

Look @ our new baby!

The one with the big ears... The little ears has been our baby for a while!

Here we go!

What Barb?

They are everywhere!

I hate these things!

Earlier this year I blogged about them... Just a reminder... A Buck Moth caterpillar sting is very painful for both humans and animals and causes inflammation that can last for several days. To treat the stings, scrape the stingers with a credit card, then stickadhesive tape on the sting, pulling it off repeatedly.


Got up at 3:45am to watch the Royal Wedding with her 17 year old kitty - Frau. Mike made the sign for Pamela to wave so she felt like part of the crowd! Love me some Mike and Pamela....

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jazz Fest tomorrow?

Derek is playing in the WWOZ Jazz Tent at 12:25pm. If you can't make it... you can listen live on WWOZ. Hope you see y'all there!

21 Dogs Confiscated After Dog Fighting Couple Arrested | | Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana


21 Dogs Confiscated After Dog Fighting Couple Arrested | | Acadiana-Lafayette, Louisiana

I want to eat it...

Here squirrel!

Save the date y'all!

Thursday, May 5: Listen to the radio debut of Rrruffly Speaking from 4pm-5pm on WGSO 990AM, alternative radio for dogs and dog lovers. For more details, visit

Walkin' Bradley!

Beautiful weather & good cookies

You walk... I rest

Love these...

The entire city smells like Gardenias

tu nous manques!

Profitez de votre voyage

Royal Wedding Coverage

We will not be covering the Royal Wedding tomorrow.
And I may release Henri and Isabelle's birth certificate this week!

Raison d'ĂȘtre - My sweet Remy

April 28, 1995 - January 27, 2008
I miss you little boy... this day holds a special place in my heart.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hard to be short!

Your neck hurts and you get wet on walkin', walkin' walkin's!

Walkin' Bradley!

For some reason they always follow the scent of BBQ...

Paws on Parade ~ LASPCA

The LA/SPCA is launching a new public art celebration. Modeled after many successful New Orleans public art projects in recent years including: A Streetcar Named Inspire and Festival of Fins, this project will feature the Mardi Gras Bead Dog® (design and mold donated by Haydel’s Bakery).This iconic symbol of New Orleans' favorite holiday expresses the LA/SPCA's mission to advocate for the animals in this region.

Paws on Parade will be rolling through the streets of New Orleans in 2012 from Mardi Gras through the summer.

Have you seen the latest sketches of the bead dogs? Great stuff!

Let me take me for a walkin!

Y'all how cute!

It is dog carved out of a tree. Awww

Hump Day!

MeWOW Mommy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Going to Jazz Fest on Friday?

Check out Derek @ WWOZ Jazz Tent ~ 12:25pm

Our darling baby B

How sweet is this little man?!
I just want to cuddles...

New Orleans lawyer travels the world to save disaster-struck pets

Did you see her story on yesterday?

This is the organization is is working with...

Kinship Circle | Action - Education - Animal Disaster Aid

Dogfighting Game Disappears from Android Market Following Complaints

Great news! Article

Chasing cats + this heat & humidity = hard work...

I may be bipolar.


President & Vice President of the Welcome Wagon

'Dr. Google' not always best when pets are ill -

Good article...

'Dr. Google' not always best when pets are ill -

Barb has the best route...

Mommy teaching the babies. Aww!

Dog pee — it's kind of their Facebook profile

Both males and females compete for status in the way that they urinate


Monday, April 25, 2011

I should do all my work with llama font tomorrow!

  • i
  • w
  • i
  • s
  • h
  • w
  • e
  • h
  • a
  • d
  • a
  • l
  • l
  • a
  • m
  • a
  • c
  • l
  • i
  • e
  • n
  • t
  • !


this can't be comfortable!

Ready for supper!

Cookies first... supper second.

6-foot Alligator Comes in Doggie Door

One of the reasons I hate doggie doors! Our short list of things we have found in homes with doggie doors: a robber, a snake, a skunk and a big huge rat. Keep in mind, if a large dog can get in/out... other things can too!

How cute is he?

I love this old man!

BSJ neighborhood in the rain...

the calm before the Jazz Fest storm.

Hard Walkin!

What the?

YouTube Video


It's Monday y'all!