Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crazy day...

Collecting all of the wonderful donations. My house looks like a Petsmart! Thanks y'all... One more day!


Oh happy day!

This baby needs a home...

If you know anyone who wants to give this handsome and so sweet labbie a wonderful life, please email marion he is heartworm positive and wants to play more than he should while undergoing treatment. he has a healthy and typical lab energy level but knows how to calm down, sleeps at his foster mom's feet and has already made himself comfortable on the bed. he hasn't chewed anything he's not supposed to, nor has he had any potty accidents. what a good boy he is !!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Food/Supplies Drive

I have been working with Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) a non profit 501(c)(3), no-kill animal organization located in Belle Chasse, LA to establish/stock a "food bank" to support those fisher families that have been surrendering pets at an alarming pace post BP leak. Our hope is that if pet owners have food, medication and supplies, they will have the basic needs taken care of and not have the financial pressure to surrender.

Last week, we started a food and supplies drive and have had great support thus far! We even managed to get a little COLD HARD CASH! The money that has been given has helped me pay for Frontline and some other medications (Glucosamine/Chondritin, Otomax, Antihistamine) We have also collected cleaning supplies (paper towels, bleach, etc.) for the shelter that is now at maximum capacity.

If you have anything you can donate (anything at all...Old leash, collar... we will take it! Roll of paper towels... we will take it!) Jessica, Sawyer, Pamela, Bradley, Katie, Calli, Derek and I will gladly stop by to pick up whatever or you can drop off here... 3101 Prytania Street. Our next stock trip is on Friday.

Thanks for your consideration.

Heat Stroke and Hyperthermia in Dogs | PetMD

Jessica saw a baby at the Vet today that was overheated and not doing very well at all... It is hot y'all! Keep um cool!

Heat Stroke and Hyperthermia in Dogs | PetMD

Staying in the shade!

Look at this darlin' baby!

Pamela loves cuddles with her little girl!

New Hair Do

Now I am more Doodle, less Lab!

Don't go...

5 more minutes...

LASPCA/George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts (GRFA) - Online Auction

George Rodrigue's Blue Dog is obviously a perfect fit to encourage donations to animal welfare organizations. This month, the GRFA is introducing a brand new print available only to animal welfare organizations for fundraising purposes. The LA/SPCA is excited to partner with the GRFA to unveil this incredible new print. In addition to having the print available for silent auction at each participating Pause 4 Dinner restaurant, Mr. Rodrigue created a one-of-a-kind mixed media version to be auctioned off Proceeds will benefit the GRFA and the LA/SPCA. Check out the mixed media version here, or visit a participating restaurant June 17 for your chance to own The Three Amigos.

Founded by "Blue Dog" artist George Rodrigue, the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts (GRFA) advocates the importance of the visual arts in the development of our youth. GRFA encourages the use of art within all curriculums and supports a variety of art educational programs.

Student success at any age depends on self-confidence. Research proves that personal growth benefits from creative expression and that artistic accomplishment provides students the self-esteem needed for success in all areas of life. However, due to budget shortfalls and misperceptions, schools find it increasingly difficult to incorporate art in education. George Rodrigue wants to reverse this trend. As a young boy he dreamed of being an artist, and as an adult he credits the support of his parents and teachers with helping him realize that dream. Over the years, Rodrigue has assisted numerous non-profits, not only in the arts, but also humanitarian organizations, disaster relief, animal welfare and others. Proceeds from the auction a one-of-a-kind remarqued print of The Three Amigos will benefit the George Rodrigue Foundation and the Louisiana Society for the Prevent of Cruelty to Animals (LA/SPCA). LA/SPCA is a private non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of animal suffering. Chartered in 1888, they are the oldest and most comprehensive animal welfare organization in the state, providing care and basic medical services for thousands of homeless and unwanted animals each year.

Ready to get up...

Morning Mommy!