Saturday, November 9, 2013

Audubon Park area... One of our clients lost her dog (M) Nacho today!

One of our Mom's accidentally lost her baby today.  She can't find him and has been searching for hours.  I just spoke to her.  Nacho can't see or hear very well and should be somewhere near Audubon Park area.  They live on the park.   Please help spread the word!  We have to find Nacho.  He does not have an ID tag on!

Phone us!  504.289.6355

I am home!

Keeping the bracelet for future Saints games!  Thanks again so much.

We love this part of our weekends...

Hey Mom & Dad!

Chillin' on the porch with Pamela

Other than not being able to see out of my eyeball...

All is well today. I do have some key learnings in case you find yourself in the situation - 

Voice texting, blogging, emailing with the microphone on an iPhone does not always turn out like you wanted it to... However often pretty funny. 

There's absolutely nothing on television on a Saturday. 

Now that I can see a Little better I am 100% sure neurologists should never ever ever ever be responsible for choosing your haircut. I love everyone of them but should've shaved my head. I can't even describe how ridiculous I look. That's actually not new... this just takes it to another level.  However they've all been amazing! 

When you're walking the halls with the physical therapist and people are staring at you it is indeed because your pajamas do not match and you look like A complete disaster.  For some reason however it hasn't bothered me once... Just so grateful to not be in the room! 

Fingers and paws crossed that I get bounced today.  Thank you so much for everything. I'm so thankful to have this behind me... Haircut and all. EB (both of y'all!) CC and DM - I have no words. My heart is full and my gratitude is beyond.  

I'll let y'all no if I can bounce this joint! I love it but I do miss my babies and my laptop and all the rest of my babies and hanging with my team! 

Sending love to Daddy...

Yup,it's Caterday!!!

Coming home?! Aw,we just got used to you!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Never shop for pajamas -

The night before surgery... You're welcome ;) 

Things I have learned.

1. A hole in your head is painful.
2. Why are there Christmas commercials on?
3. I'm addicted to my phone.
4. This hospital is super but I want to go home... But I can't yet. 
5. Neurologists should never side job as beauticians. Definitely need to stick to pulling out tumors. 
6. Staples across your head are not attractive. 
7. I miss you all... No one will tell me what's going on!  
8. Pain medicine is very important. 
9. Pain medicine is very important! 
10. Pain medicine is very important! Okay I'm kidding! 

Seriously could never have done this without my clients and friends who work here!   

Hoping to go home soon... Thanks for your patience and support. 


Nicole update...

Nicole had a good night last night, & is doing even better than anticipated. Thanks to all of you for your concerns & kind thoughts. We'll keep you updated!  -Pamela

Ya,just one of us hiding this go 'round!

Here we go!

Out enjoying this weather!

How Cranberry Can Help Prevent Dog Urinary Tract Infection

Hummm...  I wonder?

How Cranberry Can Help Prevent Dog Urinary Tract Infection | petMD:

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I love to kiss -

It is Friday y'all!

I'm not as pitiful as I look-this face gets me more cookies!


We both came out for treats!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I know,I look all studio portrait and awesome here,don't I?

Come back soon!

I love to hide from Erin...

Nothing like getting her going and watching her freak out!

Bailey's Choice expands recall!

ASK A TRAINER: How Do I Gently Manage My Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

I read this last week...  great, quick read!  Or you can always phone the best trainer ever - Elizabeth C. Schonberg @ 504.738.2353.  

ASK A TRAINER: How Do I Gently Manage My Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

Could do this all day...

We read the mail... Nothing real important - just bills.

Did you hear?

I am a grown up boy now...
They grow so fast! 

Hi y'all!

I am enjoying ICU!?!  I asked my night nurse if I could have his home number today so I could call him every 30 minutes today while he was trying to sleep but he said no.  All is well here and it sounds like for all if y'all too.  Someone prank call Bradley today.  

Thanks for caring y'all! I miss all of our babies! 

Enjoy your day! Thanks for your patience with us.

Morning Mom & Dad! We are being spoiled & loved!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

B babies and L Mom...

Words can not express what it felt like to look up and see both of you before they knocked me out.  I find it funny that my first words were - did I say anything inappropriate!  So me... And I thought y'all meant really out for days! Thanks for being there with me and L's Mom for the magazine, soda and water! See y'all tomorrow.  Xo

The view is not great but I am alive...

Not sure if any nurses will talk to me!

Seriously - they could totally extend!

Brain Surgery is over...

After 3ish hours, Nicole is in ICU resting.  So far so good!  She was more anxious to leave us and you all than to go into surgery.

Until tomorrow - Pamela

Poor Max... He just can't get a break!

Allergies are just awful... he is chewing off his leg.  Meds just don't slow him down!


Max has a girlfriend! 

Yes,I am as comfy as I look

Megan wouldn't let me drive...

Totally attentive for Ms. Erin...

Walkin' her is the best part of my day!

Goodness - I am adorable - I mean...

Who could argue that? 

Bat dog Chase captured hearts, MiLBYs | News

How presh is this?  I need to share this with my favorite coach!

Bat dog Chase captured hearts, MiLBYs | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball:

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Guess who is home now,Mom?!

Really? We have to...

We know it is good fur us but so is the cookie part! 

Beautiful... peaceful... ommmmmmmm