Friday, September 6, 2019


Her favorite part of the visit is the cookie part

So cute

A follower asked so I give...

"Nicole - please share the first five things your company did today." 

Okay follower...

1. Client has injury and can't walk dog. Met her to walk the dog to the car so she could head to a Vet appointment. (Meeting her later to get the baby back inside.)

2. Picked up a puppy that has to get his nails done today and took him to the Vet.

3. Picked up two babies and took them to a Vet appointment (they are done now and are already home and tucked back in.)

4. Woke up two pups, a kitty cat and a bird and got them set and ready for the day while Dr. Daddy is on holiday.

5. Picked up two babies and transported them to play school. (We will go back to get them later this afternoon.)

I will toss in a bonus...

6. Went to visit one of our eldest clients... A bird who has been a client of mine for 16ish years. He gets loved on and gets fruit snacks and talks to Pamela five days a week. 

There you have it kids! 

This one... broke camp today!

Not with us... but she is home and looks like she had a great time! 

Shannon’s notes are best

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