Saturday, January 23, 2010


I love that we are all distracted by the big weekend. Trust me... I am most distracted!

I hate that this weekend was the weekend that "MINE" premiered in New Orleans...

For those of us that were "boots on the ground" in New Orleans... we appreciate this film. To those that worked so hard from our family home in Gonzales, LA...and at the LA/SPCA remote facility in Gonzales... this is for you.

For those who were not given the opportunity to take what was most important when they were evacuated... and reunited... or not... we get it.

To the 1,200+ that follow us on twitter... to our 300+ Facebook friends... - Please take the time to watch this.

" Mine" - please watch.

Hi Mommy!

No worry... We are taking care of Sawyer!

What the heck!

Apple time...

Carrot time...

Apple time gets = attention...

How sweet is this...

Mike (Pamela's husband) feeding his friends at the park.  They love catfood!  He named them Gaston and Celeste!

Monday, January 18, 2010


4pm was prime "Remy time"... he would start pitching a HUGE fit to eat. These two (actually three if you count crazy sexy Max) knuckleheads go bananas at 4pm - park or no park, walk or no walk. I think Remy is talking to them!

Hey... You woke me up!

Had a good nap time!

The bast part of our day...

Baby S... growing up!

Baby P... rolling in the dirt!

This Thursday - 21st!

Semolina's Pasta with a Purpose
Dine In or Carry Out

Thu, 21 Jan, 2010 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

When you dine (or carryout) at Semolina 10% of the proceeds from your visit are donated to LASPCA! Print this invitation.
LOCATION:Clearview Mall 4436 Veterans Blvd.
FEES:Print out invitation to ensure your dinner counts.

Mornings with Pamela

Nothing better... but afternoons with Wadwii are cool!