Saturday, June 28, 2008

Walkin' Walkin' Walkin' - 6:30PM

Well... looks like timing is everything! We are going to cancel our Walkin' party tonight. I will let you know when we can reschedule things. This type of rain always makes our evening visits lots of fun! Sorry guys. Everyone snuggle in for the night.

Will work for cookies!


Get it?! Hay!
Hope to see you later...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Walkin' Walkin' Walkin'

We are so excited to see everyone tomorrow evening! If it looks like the weather may be an issue, please check the blog... I am watching Margaret Orr as I type! If you are just seeing this and want to join us, please send us a note.

Walkin’ Walkin’ Walkin’
Team meet parent(s)… Parent(s) meet the team…

Saturday, June 28, 2008
6:30 PM

Audubon ParkBetween the Picnic Pavillion & Stables(see map link)

Please R.S.V.P via email
Critical… need to determine water, champagne and orange juice needed!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

About to be a Dr. Mommy!

I like this schedule... Viva New Orleans!

I'm the boss

Hi moms just wanted to share that we were all settled and bad sister Bella came up behind Gigi so we all jumped up to chase her! Have fun because we sure are and don't worry I'm making sure all of my sisters are being good.

The toys are still mine!

I'm not sure if it really shows in this picture but Ms. Abby has her head on a toy... she likes Gigi but is not sure if she wants to share any toys just yet.

Good day mom!

Sawyer dried me off with a towel but I did not think she did a proper job (my ears are so sensitive) so... I did it too!

Good Morning!

Sawyer had to wake both of us up this morning!

Look at our smiles...

They like cookies time way more than walkin' time!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baby E's summer vacation

Hi Mom and Dad!! I just wanted to let you know that although I LOVE my lab girlfriend Buzi, I think I will refrain from becoming a lab when we get married. Buzi's mom says she doesn't mind my lack-o-lab qualities...I tried swimming in the pool with Buzi and Gigi last night. I loved the wrestling in the grass AND stealing Buzi's ball but the swimming thing...not so sure about that. Maybe I will try again today but I really don't think dogs are supposed to get water in their ears like Buzi does.

PS I am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited to meet my new baby brother. Sawyer told me I can't take his squeaker out until he is at least 5yrs old. I have been practicing gentle kisses with one of Sawyer's kittens. I really like the kitten. Can I have one??


Baby E

He may be "special".

Poor darling. He needs more New Orleans Pet Care time...
Look how cute the two of them are. His brother loves him too.

Sending love from New Orleans to Paris!

Something is missing dad!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My client, my friend, my photographer

We are so excited about our Walkin' Walkin' Walkin party on Saturday.

One of our dear clients who is an amazing photographer and a wonderful friend is going to come out as well.

Last October, I decided to hire Brandi to take photographs of Remy for a holiday card. It was the very first time I had done a holiday card with him. He was his typical "will do anything for food" self. After the shoot, he stood barking at the pantry demanding more cookies. And, naturally... I gave him more!

I would have never imagined that six weeks later he would be diagnosed with cancer and that I would not have my beautiful baby for much longer. To make this story stranger... as some of you know, the cards were mailed the Monday before he was diagnosed.

The photographs that she took are in every room of my house... literally. They mean the world to me.

If you are considering a holiday card or a photo shoot, I hope you will consider Brandi. She is amazing.

If you are looking at the pet section. #2, 3 & 4 are Remy. Don't let #4 fool you. He would get in and wait for someone to pull him around the 2nd floor! #8 is her baby Lady who passed away last August.

I like to think Lady & Remy have found each other and are laying in the sunshine.

It may be the heat!

Her loves being held with a cookie!
Mi vida loca...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hi Y'all!

O.C. did not want to come out for our Internet debut! All is well in the Garden District... Tourists everywhere!

Walkin' Walkin' Walkin'

Walkin’ Walkin’ Walkin’
Team meet parent(s)… Parent(s) meet the team…
Saturday, June 28, 20086:30 PM
Audubon ParkBetween the Picnic Pavillion & Stables(see map link)
Please R.S.V.P via emailCritical… need to determine water, champagne and orange juice needed!