Friday, November 4, 2011

This kid cracks me up....

She was playing hard!

Loves the weather...

Chilling out!  

Hi Y'all!

Xoxo... doing great!

You think she is excited to see Marisa?

No really... it is time to walkin'!
Get up R! Here girl! 

Can I get a moment?

The joy of working from a home office...

My socks (the only clean 2 that matched that I could find)

My pants (just so happen to be PJ pants)

T-Shirt from Dog Day  Afternoon2009

Does this all match?  You should see my hair! 

Good one Pamela...

Wow!  I love it!

Mornin Mommy!

It is Friday y'all!

Look how good my ouch looks!  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

That “nice family” adopting your pet may be a business instead

Dog flipping.  Yup.  Unbelievable!  

I-Team: That “nice family” adopting your pet may be a business instead:

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Kennel cough is complex, common canine illness - Life


Kennel cough is complex, common canine illness - Life:

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Bradley noticed this one...

That one way sign was changed to "occupy"

I love these three goof heads!

Isabelle (chair) Max and Henri (window)

Kidnapped Dog Jagger Found Dumped Dead by Railroad Tracks - ABC News

Did y'all hear this story? So disturbing.

Kidnapped Dog Jagger Found Dumped Dead by Railroad Tracks - ABC News:

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Turkey time!

Always a big hit!

Sexy Max

I took Sexy Max, Henri & Isabelle to the pet store.  
Huge mistake.
Never again...
Should have left Henri at home!  

Ready for the game!

I love this time of the year...

Hi Mommy!



I could not find her and finally looked in my bed... she was OUT.
I was tempted to join her!  BURR.

Did you hear?

It is already getting chilly on the Bayou!

Bonjour les gens de la Nouvelle Orléans!

Mon Candy Man - Bradley a été marchaient! Nap temps!

Look at our new baby!

We love new little ones... another one rescued! 

Does this new do...

make my head look big?  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FDA Steps Up Salmonella Testing For Pet Food

Quick read, good info!

FDA Steps Up Salmonella Testing For Pet Food:

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Amazing... What is wrong with this man?

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - Man Accused Of Killing Cats With Kids In The Car

My Who Dat lets me walk

 Bradley for 30 minutes!  He is moving slow at the end...  

That is just poor taste...

Good catch Marisa! 

Smells pretty!

Just got a bath... 
Just got a new Thanksgiving bandanna...
Just walked Pamela! 

Please keep Pamela in your thoughts...

She hurt her little piggy.  Do you know how hard it is to walk dogs with a hurt little piggy?  Not easy...  

The baby is back!

She is one of these little ones...  The one likely in charge of the yard!

What is that thing?

Hi Mommy!  


You see the strangest things walkin' dogs! 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi Mommy!

Bradley is walked...  

Pamela is here!

One of our babies just may...

Be getting a brother or sister!

What a good cry?

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Will post more later...

The only photo I got last night...

Max as Robin
Bowie as Batman

I wish they would take this down!

Baby B

So funny! 

Little P

Waiting for her treat in her outfit! 

Waiting for treats!

Thanks so everyone who posted thanks for our treats yesterday!
We had fun too... I will post more later.  

The only ghost I saw last night

Love the door at the outside bathroom at the Button house

Our neighborhood party...

was at the Benjamin Button house in the Garden District


He got messed up!