Saturday, May 14, 2011

18 days? Oh my...

Thanks RC for the reminder... 18 days

Our little house guest...

Is learning really bad things from Henri and Isabelle...

YouTube Video

Return day for our Daddy & Daddy!

Perrrrrfect vacation with Pamela!

My Daddy...

Is making sure the people of New Orleans are safe from flooding! I am making sure I eat all of the cookies that Sawyer gives me...

Intresting video about Enzymes

Does your pet show signs of less-than-optimal digestive health, such as occasional abdominal discomfort and gas, occasional bad breath or vomiting?

While I have not used this product... I did learn a lot from the video. My poor little Henri gets FortiFlora daily and it has made a huge difference in his little system!


"One Easy Solution for Your Pet's Digestive Woes"

How about less-than-optimal joint health? Minor food sensitivities? Lackluster energy and overall less-than-ideal health? You probably wouldn't suspect these issues to be connected with poor digestion, would you?

Many holistic veterinarians like me have discovered a solution that may help with all of these complaints and much more. In fact, this may be one of your greatest allies in helping to maintain your pet's total health.

What is this solution?


Enzymes may drastically improve your pet's digestion and absorption of nutrients, and as I suspect you'll soon discover, contribute considerably to your pet's well-being.


My heavy heart...

My thoughts are with our family and friends in Cajun Country.

Sa c'est truste... Gete toi! Bonne chance.

Sa me fait de la pain... Y'ou vous- autre est parti? New Orleans?! Pas de quio!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Found in a dumpster yesterday...

This little baby deserves a home... Can anyone help?

email from PAWS:

I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that this dog was left to die in a dumpster today. He know's basic commands and he's gentle, sweet and laid back. My kind of dog.

Poor LB!

Daddy got married and poor old guy "got" new little family members! I don't think he likes um...

Pup Crawl for ARNO is tomorrow!

Up for some drinkin?! Pup Crawl is tomorrow... More info here.

Text from Brad

We. Are. All. Soaked.

Animals in disasters: how Katrina changed their world

Interesting article from Best Friends...

Beat the rain!

Walked Bradley ~ check
Kissed Bradley ~ check
Got a good girl treat ~ check
Nap time!

Hi Mommy!

Ready for ya!

Our little house guest!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Look at our new baby...


Hi Mommy!

Sending love to Mommy...

Hot, Hot, Hot!

You want to go where?

Can't you see I am resting?!

Up for some drinkin? May 14th

This Saturday ARNO is hosting an Uptown Pup Crawl! Drink and help... Does it get better than that? Register and more information.

PupCrawl Participating Locations

  • 11-2 The Bulldog (Check-in and same day registration available)
  • 2-3pm Tracey's
  • 3-4pm Rendezvous Tavern
  • 4-5pm Balcony Bar and CafĂ©
  • 5-6pm The Bulldog


It is all fun and games until someone has to wear the cone!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is this not the cat's meow!?!

Happy Birthday to Buzi's Mommy!

Daily cute!

The babies and I...

ran into G'man & Bradley today!

Look how good baby S is doing...

pre leash on and walkin!

Time out!

We have no Internet service in our office! Working on it...

At risk of sound like Captain Obvious...

The mighty Mississippi is HIGH!

We are doing good y'all!

Sending love from home...

Local way to help those in need - Tuscaloosa, AL

The Humane Society of West Alabama is assisting victims of the tornado in the Tuscaloosa, AL area. They contacted us asking we help them network. They are in dire need of DRY kitten, adult cat, and puppy food (they currently have none & demand is high). They've gotten large shipments of adult dog and that's mostly what the public is donating also. They pulled all the kittens and a good number of cats from Metro Animal Shelter(local kill shelter) in Tuscaloosa to make room for the storm animals.

The plight of the animals affected by the tornado damage is very reminiscent of Hurricane Katrina – there are efforts being made to rescue lost, injured, hungry displaced animals and hold them in nearby shelters and facilities so that their owners can reclaim them as soon as they’re able. .

- DRY kitten food

- DRY cat food

- DRY puppy food

- Flea/Tick treatments (Front Line- preferred or Advantage- all weights)

- Flea/Tick Shampoo

- Wire crates (collapsible)

- Water/Food bowls

- Cat/Dog Collars

- Cat/Dog leashes

They are also accepting cash or check donations made out to Humane Society of West Alabama.

We have several businesses that are collecting donations in the New Orleans Area.

- Esthetique Facial Spa

5702 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115


Tues - Sat: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

- Adventure Pets

2989 Hwy 190, Mandeville, LA 70471


Mon - Sat:10:00 am - 6:00 pm Sun:12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Any purchases made at Adventure Pets to be donated will receive a 20% discount.

- Crumb Engineering

4609 Fairfield Street Metairie, LA 70006-2742


Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:00 pm

An Animal Helper volunteer is driving to Tuscaloosa Friday or Saturday (05/13 or 05/14) to deliver the supplies we gather.

We can personally vouch for this group. We worked with them in 2005-2006 with Maddie's Fund. Also we're in touch with some of their volunteers on the ground now.

In case you are close to Tuscaloosa, AL & can donate:

Humane Society of West Tuscaloosa, 3201 Main Ave (near McFarland Blvd), Northport, AL, 35476.

Hours are 10-5

Also you can donate via paypal: and click the donate button on the home page.

Monday, May 9, 2011


90 in May?! That was hard work!


Time out... Pamela is getting two baby kitty cats out of a drain! LOVE HER!

Heads up!

Armed Robberies occurred at 6000 block Chestnut and 5500 block Perrier, although several hours apart, appear to be related. We assigned a detective to work on both cases. Nothing additional to report.

64G on Perrier item# E-9847 zone F, reporting person stated as she entered her vehicle, she was approached by a B/M with lower part of face covered brandishing a gun demanding money. Victim gave her purse containing $ 13.00.

64G on Chestnut item# E-9849-11 zone F, reporting person stated he attempted to assist neighbor when B/M with lower part of face covered pulled a gun and demanded money. Perpetrator entered victim’s residence and took victim’s wife’s purse.

If anyone observes the described perpetrator, do not approach, call 911.....

(64 G = Armed Robbery)

Commander Darryl Albert
New Orleans Police Department-
Second District
4317 Magazine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
Off: (504) 658-6020

Sweet darling needs a home...

PLEASE FORWARD: Mickey McScruff, a Lhasa/Schnauzer Mix, also known as known as “Snuggles” is currently looking for a permanent/foster home. He is approximately 2 years old, weighs 12 lbs., is good with other dogs and loves to be held. Mickey had to have a therapeutic groom as it hurt him to walk due to the burrs covering his body. This little fellow is current on all vaccines, neutered, microchipped and eager to find his forever best friend. If you can foster him, please contact Jacob with P.A.W.S., email: jas_bounce@hotmail.comor call him at 504-392-1601.


Good quick read... Knowledge is power!


Kitty Rescue...

A kitty escaped from her parents yesterday... they called in my favorite rescue ranger - Pamela.

The trap is set... stay tuned!


From ARNO:

Several weeks back we reported that there were two dogs spotted on highway side of fence on Earhart Expressway heading toward NOLA from Harahan. We did NOT set up a feeding station at that time because we did not want to encourage these dogs to “live” there when we thought it was possible that they had just inadvertently gone through the hole in the fence that one time.

Today, we received a report that the two dogs were spotted again, a little further down on the grass but nevertheless on the same side of the expressway. It would appear that since this is the second report that these dogs are “living” along this stretch and possibly coming and going through fence back into neighborhood side.

ARNO DESPERATELY wants to help these two dogs, if they are opposite sexes, it won’t be long before puppies will be born along the side of this expressway and that would surely be fatal. However, ARNO is at full capacity at our shelter, we cannot even attempt to remove these dogs from the expressway until someone can step up and offer to foster one or both of these dogs for ARNO.

Please, help us help these dogs who are in a very dangerous location. If you would like to help by fostering, please email and we will start the process from there.

More noodle bugs!


Mid itch

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Y'all!

I woke up this morning thinking, my babies are being so good... they are finally growing up and letting us sleep in. I slowly woke up and sat up and realized I was all alone and that it was 10:05am! Mike got up with the babies, took my telephone and let me sleep in for Mother's Day and sleep in I did. I can't even remember when I have ever slept this late! It was wonderful...

Happy Mother's Day to all of you. To all of our clients - Thank you for sharing your babies with us. To all of our readers - I still can't believe that you follow our blog but I do appreciate it!

Enjoy your day...