Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rainy day nap


Hi Dr. Mommy, DVM

It is raining today but I am doing really well.
This IS my happy face!

Baby S!

We just hate when holiday travel starts to come to an end... We have had such a great long weekend and are starting to kiss and cuddle "bye for now"... This is sweet baby S. A cat bowl does not work for the little princess.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

La Veille

Jessica, Sawyer, Marci, Bradley, Sarah and I have tucked and cuddled everyone in. We gave "la veille" (Cajun French* for "eve"... more or less!!) tuck in kiss kiss and are ready to start tomorrow full of "remercier "(thanksgiving).

* (Cajun French) ... Douget - My big brother - Brock, my little brother - Derek and I are all adopted. (My mom and dad were the Brad Pitt and Angela of the 1960's but NUFF SAID... we are all adopted... thus the rainbow! Google will tell you more!) My dad and mom made sure we understood and apprecaited their/our first lanquage... Cajun French. I am thankful for it.


for long runs with Bradley and my little sisters... Fiona & Apple*
(*not in photo... they ran!)

We have a new baby!

How cute is he? He is a Goldendoodle... yes, a black Goldendoodle. Nothing better than a new baby at New Orleans Pet Care.

Why is everyone working today?

This is our serious face! Seriously... we need another cookie.

Le Jour De Remerciement - eve!

Such a crazy morning and day... but lots of fun! Traffic is crazy, the day is warming and the pups and kitty cats are all awake!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What y'all doin?

Is there food involved?

Tres - Top 10 FAVS!

10. Pretend he's a cow in the backyard...he likes to graze!

09. Follow his foster mom all over the house

08. Watch birds in the trees

07. Sleep in Buzi's bed...even when Buzi is already in it AND when there is a brand new bed just for him right next to Buzi's

06. Sniff kitty butts

05. Take his foster mom for walks to the park

04. Run really fast in the fast in fact, that his brakes don't work and the only way to slow down is to barrel roll

03. Snuggle in laps while watching the Saints kick Packers' butts

02. EAT!!!And T's favorite passtime...

01. Cuddling with the kitten!!!!! Who would have ever thought he would get to that point!?!?! I came in from doing laundry today and the kitten was curled up under T's head. He still considers chewing on him occassionally but T has gotten so much better.

Tres is still looking for a forever home! You will fall in love with him...
My daddy won last night!

Doody - yes, Doody & Star

And as a matter of fact, after the walk last night it was wet Doody (the little one) and Star. Star is so serious... I love her so.


T&T waiting for breakfast! Sending love from uptown to mommy on holiday...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Week...

I have so much fun hearing where clients are heading... Dubai, Maldives, Hawaii, New York, Florida, California... and on and on... We are in full holiday mode here and it is so much fun! Bananas (as per my earlier post) but so much fun! Happy travels... You are in good hands if I do say so myself!
It is bananas today!