Sunday, April 4, 2021

Billie Jean Alsfeld Kaul

Window Breaker (don’t ask!) 
Big Sister 
little Cochon
Social Media Influencer
MONITOR of City Bark
Boss of the house!
Starbucks lover...
Supporter of NOlAPC since 2011

I just can't even wrap my head around this... I say this all of the time and I will say it again - the hardest part of this amazing job is loosing our little loves. This one was one of a kind. 

Billie Jean you gave us such great joy and I know that you fought as hard as you could for so long. Your little heart gave all it could give. We love you. You will always have a big place in our heart... my heart for sure. Stay close to your little brothers and stay really close to Mommy and Dad...  they will love little signs from you. I am so honored that they let us take care of you. Sleep peacefully little girl. 

*Photo totally used without permission. BJAK would approve because she knows she looked good. ❤️

She is over this house...

Asking a little much with this one!

Precious baby...

My eldest client... in age and length of time as a client

Happy Easter!


The Loomis babies are up and at um!

You woke us up!

Everything is blooming!

Sweet baby


Sleeping Frannie

Morning Mom