Thursday, January 31, 2019


Good morning y'all! So this is the deal... I created this blog by using Google blogger. It is just the create it yourself kind of thing... Anyway, it comes with zero support really and when you do need help you sort of have to wait patiently for your turn. The support comes from Google not blogger. 

Because I am never sitting at a computer I use a mobile blogger. Herein lies the real problem. My team texts photos and I upload them on the mobile app... The two app(s) that I use are "full" because I have used them so much. So, I have to move things around to use them again. I am working on it but it is super time consuming. Thus the reason I can't upload photos to the blog. 

Things have been so exciting too! I am working on it and hope to resolve the issue soon. 

Stay tuned!