Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pool party!

Hi Mommy!

Sending love... all is well!

Dear Mother Nature: Thank you

Keep up the good work!

Past week... okay... past three...make that four weeks!

Have been so crazy that I totally missed the Bigfoot sighting in City Park! How did I miss that?

Baby B...

Is hanging in Remy's room!

Pray for me

Something bad and evil hurt my paw this morning.

Sexy Max - Sitter

with my office Assistant (earlier this week) - Jaiden

How cute is this little baby?

And just as quiet as a mouse...

Great 4th of July tip from our trainer!

Word of advice for puppy owners on the 4th, help desensitize them to the sound of fireworks by playing with their favorite toy while the fireworks are going off. They will associate those sounds with something positive. The same should be done during thunderstorms in hopes that they don't grow up to have a fear of thunderstorms (or fireworks).

Friday, July 1, 2011

River Ridge - Y'all keep your babies inside!

My other favorite Facebook post...

This from one of my friends in "Corporate America" who is a Facebook friend of mine/New Orleans Pet Care. I love him...

Might I suggest...

Part two - I can totally see her doing this!

Rest of the vodka story: hurt like hell too proud to say so in the store (being a refugee)so I checked out, got in my car, cursed and cried (like a girl), grabbed a frozen bag of fries out of my loot, promptly placed it on my injury 'til I got back to my sister's to DRINK THE BOTTLE OF VODKA.

In case you missed it...

My client posted this on my "Ouch" post and it cracked me up! I wanted you to laugh too.. I love HR!!

OMG! I can't believe you hurt your foot with green beans. God bless you! Right after Katrina I dropped a fifth of Vodka on my foot in the grocery store (in Baton Rouge) I broke 2 toes but, the VODKA BOTTLE DID NOT BREAK. LOL

Our vacation... IS AMAZING!

Save the date y'all!

Let there be light at NOLA City Bark! Mark your calendars for the second "101 Donations" event on Saturday, August 20 at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters benefiting NOLA City Bark. Proceeds will be used for lighting and irrigation. Enjoy a fun summer evening and support America's top-rated dog park. Look for the whimsical Dalmatians decorating the dog park fence starting this month! For more information or to buy tickets,

How cute is this?

Ready to rock this walk baby!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

My little doodle bug is going home...

We are going to miss him!


I totally thought that was a real snake!

I am growing up...

I love to watch them grow!


I did this training for the Olympic Softball team. Okay - not really...

Last week, I dropped a big, full can of green beans on top of my foot and it bounced up and hit again. I walked on it for days and finally could not take it anymore. I went to the Doctor on Tuesday and found out that my little green bean accident resulted in two fractured bones and the can took out about a dime size chip in my bone. Anyone want to entertain two, two year old Labs?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Look what he is learning to do...

I can not stop laughing!

Today I am 2

Happy Birthday to ME!

This is so sad... We loved Zeus!

In Memory: Zeus, "the elder statesman of the dog park," passed away on May 30. According to his mom, Kathy, "his death was natural, gentle, and peaceful and my husband Bill and I were with him as he took his last breath." Zeus would take his time as he hobbled from the van to his place inside the dog park where he would lie and watch all the activity around him. Kathy said that he loved to be in the company of the other dogs and that visits to the dog park made his last year full and satisfying. She thanks everyone who stopped by their station near the front gate to give him some love. His spirit will live forever in the dog park.

2 Years ago today...

I lost my mind but gained two wonderful little ones. Oh - how fast two years went! Now - can I survive the terrible 2s? We shall see...

Isabelle (now it is Henri who does that)

Henri - during one of his 30 second power naps!

Heads up Team and Clients (and we have TONS in that area!)

Must be something in the water. We were attacked by a big yellow lab mix this  morning corner of Annunciation and State. My street fighting dogs fought back  and with me hitting kicking and screaming he finally ran off. What a scene.  Nobody hurt just shaken but let the team know if they're working in the area. 

Great suggestion... to combat off leash dogs - from a blog reader

Love your blog! Off leash dogs are a major problem in my Kenner neighborhood and I report the owners whenever I can identify them. I carry copies of the leash law to pass out to offenders along with Spray Shield citronella spray and a mini-air horn whenever I take the dogs out for their walks. The spray and horn are effective in stopping charging dogs without harming them.

The baby loves watermelon...

Sending love to Mommy...

Playing the hide it game...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tip from a client for those with older dogs/wood floors!

---------a good hint if anyone else has a senior dog................oakley has a difficult time walking on wood floors so i googled and found doggie gripper socks. the socks make a HUGE difference. she's a happy camper now ,walks faster and with great confidence at home. am sure baby gripper socks would work as well and be less expensive.

No eye contact...

Paying hard to get!

Let me guess what they were thinking...

I needs some Vicks under my nose...

Open this so I can crawl in and get away from them!

Do I look like I fit in?

You woke me for what reason?

If you don't put that in this bowl... you are going to regret it!

Rocky - Killed by NOPD Officer

Rocky, a three-legged family pet, was senselessly shot and

killed by a New Orleans Police Officer. He deserves justice.

The story of his killing was widely reported in the New Orleans media.

Click here to see the coverage by WDSU.


This Monday, June 27th, please call the New Orleans Police Department and leave a message for Superintendent Ronal Serpas at 504-658-5757. Ask him to immediately reinstate the dog bite prevention workshop for all of his officers. The police must learn to humanely interact with the animals they come into contact with on the job. You can also let him know your feelings about the death of Rocky.

Please help us keep up the fight for animals like Rocky, who was only three years old. We will monitor the NOPD's investigation closely to make sure justice is done in this case.

We're working hard every day to seek justice for Louisiana's animals, wherever they suffer. Our efforts usually never capture headlines like these. But every day, HSL is standing up for animals: writing letters to public officials, speaking out at town meetings, knocking on doors to educate irresponsible or uneducated pet owners.

Dozens of our compassionate volunteers are meeting tomorrow to form a new Humane Education program. They will deliver the critical message of compassion and nonviolence to New Orleans area students and residents.

Can you help us keep up the good fight for Louisiana's defenseless animals? We would deeply appreciate any DONATION you could make towards our advocacy work. Your contribution will help fund our statewide cruelty investigations and crime prevention programs.

It is Monday...

Let's do work... And by that I mean play at City Bark!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Report off leash dogs...

Sawyer was attacked last night by a off leash Pitbull while walking Buzi and one of our clients. They were in a very familiar area and had never run into the dog or owner prior to the attack.

In my opinion, this city is out of control with stupid owners that let dogs roam neighborhoods or hang out in the yard while they are in the yard, etc.

Although last night was a different situation... I would be willing to bet this was not the first time this dog was out off leash.

Please y'all... please - If you know someone in your neighborhood who "just lets the dog out of the door before bed" or whenever... please report them to Animal Control or to your Police District - Quality of Life Officer. If you don't want to do it - pass the information to me and I will do it for you.

Believe it or not, this is a very dangerous job! I deal with at least one call to report at least once a month. Every one of my team members have been attacked/aggress(ed) more than once. If you have never been attacked or even had an aggressive dog approach you... consider yourself lucky.

If you know of someone in your neighborhood that does allow dogs to roam off leash - a heads would be greatly appreciated.

All are fine - now. It could have been worse but it did not have to happen.

Thanks so much for "listening" and please consider making those telephone calls to make sure unsafe owners are sent a message from the proper authorities.


Leash Law (Sec. 18-14) - Dogs which are properly licensed and vaccinated may be allowed outside of an enclosure if they are kept on a secure leash and accompanied by its owner or keeper. Any dog that is found "running at large" can be impounded and the owner or keeper ticketed..
  • About Your Cat (Sec. 18-14(d)) - There is no leash law applying to cats. In order for your cat to be legally allowed outside, the animal must remain on the owner's property, be spayed or neutered, properly licensed, vaccinated and tagged with the owners name, current address and phone number. Any cat that is found "running at large" can be impounded and the owner or keeper ticketed.


Orleans Parish Animal Control

Louisiana SPCA 504-368-5191 ext 100

Jefferson Parish Animal ControlWest Bank 504-349-5111

East Bank 504-736-6111

Kenner Animal Control