Thursday, February 25, 2016


Shortly before midnight last night, we lost another darling baby. She was a beautiful loving little girl whom we have seen five days a week for a more than ten years. We are not sure how old she was... During Katrina, she was pushed out of a moving car on I55 and her Mom stopped and chased her, caught her and saved her life. They have been together from that day forward. No one was sure how old she was but the last 10+ years have been the best years she could have ever had. Not only five days a week but Mommy never left unless Bradley, Pamela or Erin were able to sleep with her. We all love her and her Mommy so much.

Sweet Straya... Max and Remy are going to watch over you. Your sister is there too and I know she is with you now. Watch over Mommy because she is heartbroken.  We love you little girl... 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Serious face

Monkey face

Really - relax

I love This little face!

We got pretty hair!

Makes me want to cuddle...

Riverlands Animal Hospital - La Place

I am collecting things to bring to Riverlnds in La Place in case they have people that are in need. If you have beds, toys, treats, etc... Please leave for us to pick up tomorrow and we will get that to them. If I get enough I want to bring some things over to the Red Cross in Convent. Thanks y'all! 

These two sweet kids!

Monday, February 22, 2016


Bradley's sweet baby Max died in his arms on the way to the Emergency Vet yesterday. He was only 10 years old... They think he had some small strokes and a larger one. All we really know is he left us so quickly and so unexpectedly.  He was a wonderful little boy whom we all loved so very much. He was loud and obnoxious and the sweetest little baby boy. Our hearts are broken and we know that this void will last a very long time.. We miss you Max... I know you are with Remy again and I know he will take care of you like he did when you were little. Please watch over your Daddy and Mom because they are heartbroken. Stay around us... let us feel you and hear you... We love you.