Thursday, June 25, 2015

J and Lady bug...

Lady loves you Mommy and YaYa!

Rock out


Want to play?


So cute!

I have to take rest...

Mommy is coming home!

My serious face...

Community says goodbye to one special war dog

Made me cry... 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The kid loves -

Power nap

Princess LNP


Erin's Murphy is spending the afternoon here and is not a fan of thunder...  Jaiden made him a "thunder coat" and is giving him some extra attention.

Someone found freedom...

Hanging on Henry Clay.

I miss my Brother...

I am all by myself... getting lots of extra visits and love because my heart hurts.

Oh you can wait for me to finish relaxing Ms. Barb... Okay? I pay you lady!

Don't let your dog eat peanut butter with xylitol

According to the article, only one brand currently contains Xylitol but more could add this ingredient as subsitute.

Airing it out

Our newest weekly baby...


Hello - I am here to check in...

I look pretty...

Sending love to Mommy...

Boulder Dog Food Company Recalls Ten Bags of Chicken Sprinkles


Playin and waitin!

Morning Brother!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Our darling B...

This is always so hard… Post Katrina I was struggling to rebuild and bring back my Team. Only a handful of Clients came back in the Fall of 2005... I literally wrote my schedules on post-it-notes. When this family joined us, we were still rebuilding and although I charged for 20 minute visits, I payed my Team for 30/60 just to make sure they would stay with me and I could continue to take care of our Clients and my Team.This little one loved his long walks in the Riverbend with his Brother. We walked them and my Team slept with them when Mom and Dad traveled. Such blessings... I would have never made it -K1 without those clients... never. Having had the pleasure of taking care of them for this long makes this so much harder. 

B is going to get his wings today and fly over the rainbow.  9 years, 4x a week plus. I am so thankful that Mom & Dad shared him and trusted us with them for all of these years.  

Darling little baby B… take rest sweet baby.  I hope and dream that when you cross over, Remy was there to meet you.Watch over your Mommy,Daddy and your Brother and let them feel your presence.

You are one of a kind... loved beyond... fly sweet baby... fly.